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    I saw this girl in the east a few years back, and it was not pleasant. I paid for an hour but 5 minutes after 1st shot she wanted to me to go again, so to get me out of the door ASAP. I almost wanted to ask her if she was crazy. It ended up with me leaving like 20 mins into the session.

    Edited: just saw her updated ad, now I'm 100% sure that's her by all the tattoos.
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    Is that the same one? the same number + the whole day special thing

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    # is the same, so I'd say that's her

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    Can you perhaps provide more details on the look and the 1st shot?

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    a couple days ago she was still using her own pics which show her face and tattoos. if u search her phone number u might still find them on certain websites.

    face/ body/ service all mediocre, nothing to write home about. if u are really interested, do a quickie or hh to find out. but I'd advice against booking long session with her

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    She's changed her # to 604 259 3641, staying in Richmond.

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