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Thread: Sensual Nikita (not the one you're thinkng of)

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    Sensual Nikita (not the one you're thinkng of)

    Has anyone TOFTT? The ad says her name is

    🎀👑Petite & curvy 👑Sexy sensual Nikita👑🎀 - 26

    but that is not the Sensual Nikita who has appeared in other ads.

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    Pics look real good but my gut says something isn't quite right. "No restrictions", "prefers texting". (Says it twice). Sure looks good though

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    I concur with that assessment. What gets me is the bottom picture.
    Every other picture she has black hair. Bottom picture she has blonde hair.
    This is the only ad she has, and this is the only website. She may be a newbie to this, but why not have the ad up every day to garner more interest & business?

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