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Thread: any info on "Natalie❤️ (604) ***-2896"

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    any info on "Natalie❤️ (604) ***-2896"

    here is the link to post
    Any one seen her?

    Fun and Playful and Beautiful.
    Let me take care of your wildest desires.
    Unrushed time together
    Available for Overnights and extended dates
    Brunette Sweetheart ready to Party with you all night

    Don't wait. Call me now!!
    Incalls/ outcalls only
    No blocked calls Natalie❤️ (604) 831-2896
    Poster's age: 24

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    Let me explain you EXACTLY what's going to happen once you'll call that number and set up an appointment

    "Natalie" will let you know that her friend will come and get you downstairs to get you to the room

    You're going to enter the room and see this girl or another girl :

    Who'll tell you that she is "Natalie's boss" and that "Natalie" is getting ready and she'll be coming soon. The girl will ask you for the money first you'll give it to her she'll step out the room for a minute. She'll come back in asking you to give more money to "natalie" (who you haven't seen yet) and will ask if you want to do drugs. If you refuse any of those orders she'll go crazy and tell you that for the 150 or 200 you gave her you will only get CBJ , At this point you're going to ask to see Natalie (That's when it gets crazy because... Natalie DOES NOT exist ) so if you're "lucky" she'll either perform some CBJ or bring one of her friends (because yes , it's about 4 different girls in there) and pressure you to pay 400 for a duo OR lastly she'll kick you out of the room threatening you that she'll call the police and say that you raped her if you say anything to the front desk ! Hope I saved you time AND money

    It does look like she's getting TONS of money from scamming guys and selling fake dreams

    Her instagram is

    BTW : These infos are coming from my own experience and a DOZEN of similar reviews on here from guys that got ripped off
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    There are only four observations to be made on the basis of this thread:

    1.) There are a LOT of guys who are turned on by massive fat ass.

    2.) There are a LOT of desperate, horny guys in Van.

    3.) SP quality in Van is extremely low.

    4.) If that creature can make a shitload of money looking like that, I'm obviously in the wrong profession. Maybe I should try my luck by putting on a wig, smearing lipstick on my face and posting an ad on BP or LL.

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    That last part made me laugh I don't get why she's not posting real pics of her but posting fake pics of skinny girls that look nothing like her !

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    they work out of a hotel? or private place? could u provide the location so other guys could watch out for that?

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    When I saw her and her scammer crew they were in a hotel but I think they change their locations regularly There's a thread I did with all their ads and I make sure to update it when they change their numbers

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    Of course she can use her own pics, but she wants to attract more than just BBW fetishists, so she posts pics of skinny broads instead.

    A lot of guys who show up are so horny and excited that they don't care what greets them at the door. They just want to bust a nut on the first cum rag they can find. It could be a guy in a wig and they'd still want to blow a load all over it. What's even funnier is that she doesn't even have to fuck any of these guys in order to make money. Guys will throw hundred dollar bills at her just to get close to that massive fat ass.

    She knows this and capitalizes on it.

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    Which is why it needs to stop vulnerable naive guy are getting played badly , would you imagine waking up with -10k in ur account

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    TBH it's mostly the guy's fault.

    It doesn't matter how many bad online reviews an SP receives or how many guys she rips off, when guys see "dat ass" they show up no matter what.

    In my experience, for every guy turned off by an SP's bad review/behavior, there are at least a hundred guys ready and willing to tap "dat ass" at a moment's notice.

    For a lot of guys, bankruptcy is a small price to pay when it comes to fulfilling their sexual fantasies. Otherwise, ugly fat bitches like the gender-challenged monster in the OP wouldn't still be in business.

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    Quote Originally Posted by syndrome.of.a.down View Post
    ... if a man is witless and naive enough go and waste his time getting scammed by the wifi blocker Ms. Thicky Minaj then hey whatever man, go do whatever the fuck you want - frankly, you'd have to be a pretty fucking desperate soldier to even consider not running away from carbzilla in the first place, regardless of your expectations - that being said I think its very much so ill-advised for one to cry over how the thightanic went down and took their money with it to the boards saying that you didn't see it coming... just my two cents.
    Many people are just inexperienced and haven't seen the uglier side of the business. It's suppose to be an honest trade, money for a good time just like any other service industry. There are scammers and leeches in every business and people get scammed everyday. I hate durian but if someone bought poisoned durian I won't call him a dumbass for eating it lol. You can say what you said to just about every stupid event that happened in the history, including Trump's election


    P.s. Not a Hillary fan either

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    I definitely appreciate Jacklesnloe's effort to warn others. Could this be this gang's latest trap?

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    It's a duty for me to warn others after what I went thru I honestly don't want anyone else to go thru that well organised scam , as for your questions I don't believe it to be one of their ads because

    1) All their ads haven't been posted in a while which makes me think they are taking a break and might be back soon

    2) They don't post the prices in their description but things like "party girl,no blocked call,..."

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    Bump for the newbies here

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    bumppp !!!!

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