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    Today's Special...

    The title of the ad is "Todays special...thick curvy and sassy....100% real - 26"

    It should read "Todays special...thick, curvy, ugly as f**k, will assault & rob you if you choose to come to me, as my name is Andrea Anne Cederwall, I have a well known criminal history, and me & my goon friends will do anything we feel like when you show up."

    That might be too long of a title, though.
    Yes, Andrea has decided to crawl out from under whatever rock she lives under, to see if there is anyone gullible enough to partake in her services.
    Just say no, kids. Just like drugs, she is bad for you.

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    Call the cops then guys.

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    Quote Originally Posted by marsapan1 View Post
    Looks like she's come out of hiding.
    You do realize the CBC article you attached is from 2 years ago, right?
    The very same article, among others, people will see when they Google her name & find the articles I keep referring to?
    And, in May 2015, Cederwall was 24 years old, making her 26 years old this year.
    This report, of a similar sounding assault in Brandon is of a 20 year old female.
    It does not (yet) provide any information of the other female, but she too will soon be arrested & charged... maybe that was/is Cederwall, who knows...

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    I think she might also have a profile on SA.

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    In the first ad, she calls herself "Lila". That ad is now deleted...for some reason.
    Today, Andrea Anne Cederwall has gone back to "Bella".
    Guess she doesn't want people knowing her real name & infamy of criminal activity.

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