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Thread: Vegas ?

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    Vegas ?

    What ever happened to Vegas? I miss her crazy antics.

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    She was a fun lay but it always looked and sounded like she wasn't long for this world. I hope she's doing better now but I'd gladly have another crazy session if she comes back.

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    There was an update on her in this thread:

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    She's advertised this week. Tried to get ahold of her but no answer.

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    That is not vegas

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hornyfarmer420 View Post
    That is not vegas
    Agree, there seems to be confusion over this in the other thread but THE Vegas is unmistakeable. She usually posted face pics and her ads were often incoherent gibberish.

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    The girl posting the ad about the fake tits for 70hh is the same girl that had a video put up a few years ago of her getting punched in the face in the north end. I even think she has been perma banned from Aquarius.

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