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Thread: The Experience I Crave Does Exist

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    The Experience I Crave Does Exist

    For all intents and purposes, I'd be the first to admit it - that I'd been fantasizing about my Mistress, yet again!
    Lately, more so than not.
    Admittedly so, not a day goes by without me thinking and daydreaming about Her.
    With that said, I know that my Mistress wouldn't have it any other way.

    Now, going back in time to a number of years ago, there was this thread,, as well as, this one,, on here.
    I venture to say that my persistence and intuition paid off in regards to my finding a Dominant Female I dreamed would take me down to the place of slavery I've fantasized about.
    With that said, the experience I crave does exist.

    Okay, so it's no secret that my Mistress loves having my mindset focused on Her.
    Correspondingly, it was quite some time ago that my Mistress made it known just how She felt about having me under Her control, as a pet of Hers, and even referring to me as such.
    As I recall (and as I had brought previously to the fore on this forum), my Mistress had messaged me, catching me by surprise, as it were:

    "submissive one,

    For quite some time now I've been wanting to tell you that you are so a little pet or something cute that I like to have around for MY amusement.
    How I'm looking forward to having you under MY ass, again!
    Make sure to get yourself a good night's sleep, MY "little boy toy"!!!

    x's and o's,


    As it happened, my Mistress did not disappoint.
    Now, if my memory serves me right, it was the very next day that my Mistress had me over to Her Lair - to attend to Her, using me as She so desired.
    It definitely was a dream come true; for me it was, anyway!
    As I know and as I've come to realize, that if I played by Her rules, then everything turns out alright.
    That, in itself, says everything!
    And, my being well-rested, proved, as it were, to be a blessing in disguise.
    As it turned out, this was just the beginning.
    In fact, it proved to be a prelude to the future....

    I was somewhat surprised, but not really, when soon thereafter my Mistress made me aware of Her ownership of me.
    I actually had a feeling that that just might happen to me, sooner or later.
    I must say that it was something in the way that She wooed me and that attracted me to Her, like no other Dominant Woman.
    And, it was also in what She said to me as She had ordered me around, and how She said it, that set my Mistress apart from others.
    I must admit that what I'd initially likened to a game of sorts, had in time, turned into reality.

    That said, one thing lead to another....
    For some time, my Mistress has had me wear a collar while in Her presence.
    And, it wasn't that long ago that my Mistress made known to me Her desire to have me, as She put it, "with a piercing to compliment your orgasm denial and chastity".
    Okay, so that got me wondering about Her, that is, until my Mistress made mention to me in passing, that: "I don't allow just anyone to be in service to ME."

    You'll see how this makes all the sense in the world, as I carry on in continuation with my submissive journey here, and with an ongoing dialogue of sorts, with another lovely Lady, Margaret.
    If all else, I see this as nothing more than idle chit-chat between two submissive ones, comparing notes, so to speak.
    And, just like my Mistress, Margaret, is also, very much on my mind,....for some reason(s)?
    If you're not familiar with Margaret, then I'd do well in describing her as one very open-minded Lesbian and as that ever-so intimate confidant of mine.

    Now, as I was saying:

    "With that said, my Mistress then made a diversion, of sorts.
    She had this lovely soft leather chair off to the side of Her "little" playroom that She'd directed me to.
    It was dark tan in colour, as I remember.
    And, it was there that my Mistress took Her place and then ordered me: "On your knees!"
    Wow, I was in disbelief, I was!

    My Mistress then got Herself very comfortable, and She did so by spreading Her legs wide apart.
    I must make mention that it was an absolute delight to be in such close quarters with my Mistress, as I was down on my knees and looking right at my Mistress' pussy.
    And, what a lovely sight it was!
    However, my Mistress went on to tell me in no uncertain terms: "I want you to eat ME!"
    So, I did.
    I sucked, then licked, and then sucked, and then I continued on licking, with my tongue going around and around in circles, my Mistress' ever sensitive clit.
    Oh, those were such incredible and amazing instructions,......I meant to say, orders!
    I sure loved it when my Mistress had brought out one of Her toys, per se.
    It was most lovely to see it close at hand, my Mistress pleasuring Herself with that toy, a vibrator, as She had me keep watch, as it were.
    And, it was so amazing to see my Mistress' pussy getting all wet and drippy!

    It gave me an even greater feeling of submission when my Mistress made sure to let me know that She’d wanted all of Her juices lapped up by me, and with my tongue, no less!
    I had a feeling that She was horny, and I was right.
    She was, very!!
    And, when I had left Her Lair, I was so horny and so very exhausted.
    One more thing that I must tell you: when I had left the presence of my Mistress and was on my way home (in fact, I was almost home), it was the most wonderful feeling, knowing as I was breathing in my Mistress' scent, that She was very much on my mind, still.

    Afterwards, I had received the most wonderful message from my Mistress.
    It read, in part:

    "SWEET submissive,

    I can't say enough how much I love you serving ME so intimately and MY using you as MY licking toy.
    I was very pleased with the way that you sucked and licked ME tonight.
    I have trained you up very nicely in the way that I desire you to satisfy and serve ME.
    you're such a good little pet."

    So, I got that going for me, which is nice.

    Now, going back to your most recent e-mail, thank-you for sending me that link for that open G-string that you so love to wear.
    As I see it, that lingerie store is actually based in Canada.
    That was news to me.
    It's really nice that you are not only wearing that special G-string when writing to me, but also, when you're thinking of me.
    As that jewel is dangling there, teasing that lovely erect clit of yours, the feeling must be just so incredibly pleasing for you?
    I am more than sure that that does stir up very wonderful memories in you.

    Yes, I'm really looking forward to seeing my Mistress, again soon, as I'm pretty sure you are with yours?
    I am all rested now, but at the same time, I'm rather anxious.
    Having that cock and ball harness on is most definitely making it's presence felt, as I do have so much on my mind.

    Have a very lovely evening, Margaret."

    And, sure enough, it was the very next morning that Margaret e-mailed me back:

    "Your Lovely E-mail

    Hello myboy,

    It is very easy to be friendly with you - you are so open and warm and it is lovely to be able to be friends with such a lovely kind gentle person when also you have the same experiences in life and love to do the same things I do.
    The sad truth is we can't just chat in a cafe about what we love to do and how we love to be used.
    Meeting someone who has the same love of submitting to a beautiful Dominant Mistress and then being able to give Her the pleasure that She demands - using us for Her sexual delight - is so very special.
    Probably, there are more submissives who pleasure their Mistress the way we do than we think - just look at how many fetish sex shops there are with lovely things to make D/s sex more exciting.
    I look at all the things to restrain us so that we are at our Mistress' mercy, and then all the toys to help us give more pleasure and I know we aren't the only ones, at all.
    The shop I like best is for Lesbians, so all the things are there to make Lesbian sex more wonderful, but I know there are even more - many many more shops for hetero sex.
    It makes me excited to think we are not so unusual - it's just funny that we have to keep so quiet about it.
    Maybe 'Shades of Grey' has helped out a bit?
    I feel so good that I wore a G-string that I know you like for me to wear while I write to you.

    Now I am wearing this one:

    It looks very lovely, but also it gives me a very exciting feeling with that pendant on it.
    I hope you like this one, too?
    I have to admit to you that I get very excited wearing this G-string, and I have several others, as well.
    Somehow knowing that this is what I have on my clit and cunt and up my ass, makes me aware of what I am, but it also makes being a sex-submissive an aesthetically beautiful thing - which I believe it is.
    Submitting and being a sex-object is the most beautiful thing I know.

    I love writing to you knowing my submissive sex-sister likes what I am wearing.
    You must tell me anything else you would like for me to wear?
    It is lovely when our Mistress wants us to think about Her, but how could we not??
    I admit I am always either remembering - going over all the tiny details and enjoying them again in memory - or else wondering how I will be able to please my Mistress the next time?

    What has got me so surprised is how alike our experiences are.
    Somehow I have always thought that a Lady-boi must have quite a different experience of submission, but chatting with you it seems that we really have very similiar experiences and time spent with our Mistresses.
    Your beautiful exciting description of how your Mistress opened up Her legs and had you suck on Her clit when you were leaving the last time, is exactly the same as the way Mistress Eleanor had conveniently opened up Her legs and pulled my mouth up onto Her and ordered me to keep sucking on Her clit while She enjoyed Her champagne and oysters.
    Thinking back, I can appreciate how She enjoyed Her supper all the more for having Her clit sucked on.
    It is so beautiful how my Mistress repays my submission to Her, by enjoying it so much and finally coming, so excited, getting all tense and then that amazing release, quivering and shaking all over as She had this fantastic orgasm.
    Just writing about it, again, has made me so beautifully erect and hard.

    You have to share with me how you wear that cock and ball harness.
    This must be a special thing for Lady-bois?
    I have never heard obviously of a girl wearing one.
    What is it like and what does it do for you?
    Sometimes when I am with a Dominatrix She will let a male play with me, to humiliate me - but it excites me, too.
    Often, I don't see what the boy is doing because I am in a hood so I just feel and don't see - but sometimes I do see before that the boy has his cock and balls in a sort of cage - then when he is allowed to take it off before being told to use me, his erection suddenly is standing up at attention.
    It must be very exciting to be restrained like that?

    So that is one way we are different - but I can understand having it on, as you say, would most definitely make its presence felt.
    Do you have to wear it for a long time?
    It must be difficult to go out if you wear tight jeans - isn't there a big bulge with your erection in that harness?
    I can see it would be exciting to be seen like that - everyone would know what you are up to.
    I have seen men in clubs and places who have a big bulge in their pants, so I know that they have an erection, but I never connected it with having a harness holding up their cocks.
    Even just thinking about how boys have such a huge clit compared to girls, is very arousing to me.
    My juices are dripping, wetting my legs down to my shoes, at the moment.
    It is something, once I start writing to you, my clit gets harder and harder - there is something so real about you and how you are so wonderful to your Mistress and how you give Her such pleasure - that I quite enjoy.

    But I do see in that picture you had forwarded to me, of a Mistress or is it a girl sub getting that male submissive all riled up as she's rubbing his erection and while he's sucking on his Mistress?
    That must be amazing - having such complete sex?
    So, maybe boys do have it a bit more exciting than girls, I wonder?

    This has set me back remembering something else I found strange about how boys are different from girls.
    I have a lovely gf who is the Entertainment Manager at the Bulgari Hotel.
    She gets me into the hotel pool to swim for nothing.
    About a year ago, they were refurbishing the changing area around by the pool, but the pool itself was fine.
    I could still go swimming, though technically the pool was closed.
    They had a big canvas curtain between the Men's and Women's changing rooms.
    It didn't quite reach all the way across, so I could see into the Men's changing area.
    I feel so ashamed of myself telling you this, but I just couldn't help myself.
    There were some boys - not more than 4 or 5 - that would come out of the pool looking vanilla in their trunks - and then they would go into the shower.
    But when they came out, they would be naked and almost always had erections.
    I just thought that must be normal.
    But then completely casual - ordinary - they would just stand there, together, and rub each other's erections in their hands until they came - but it was all so unexciting - no fun or play and it seemed like there was no emotion with each other.
    Just sort of nothing more than if they were shaking hands or something like that - then they'd just walk away as if nothing had happened.
    With girls, it's never like that - we get more excited the more we do it and we - well from my experience - we want to give each other the most good feelings, and we kiss and explore more.
    I only ever once saw two boys suck each other!
    So that is different and I feel a bit of an opportunity was wasted there.
    But then I remembered how you didn't want to enjoy that man in the steam room, so it must be normal with boys?

    I have got home nice and early, and it's a gorgeous evening - I might even just go for a swim - the work is done and I can't see the boy's changing area any more.
    I hope you have a lovely day - and I'll stay dressed in that little G-string you like.

    XXX Margaret"

    And, Margaret surprised me when she sent me another message, the following morning:

    "Your Lovely E-mail

    Hello sister slave,

    You may think it funny I didn't say anything about that beautiful loving warm e-mail message from your Mistress.
    The truth is that I found it so perfect and so wonderful that I didn't know what to say!
    And, I still don't.
    I have never had such a kind, understanding and appreciative note from a Mistress before.
    I admit to you that I cried.
    I know that message was not sent to me, but somehow I felt that She had spoken to all submissives who adore serving their Mistresses.
    I can tell that your Mistress loves how you suck and lick Her, and that She has something special going on with your cock.
    She is pleased with the way you have been trained, and now as a trained submissive licking toy and pet, you satisfy Her desire for sexual gratification.
    You must feel so happy now, and long to serve Her more and more in more and more exciting ways?
    Would you mind if I copied that e-mail message of yours out and put it up?
    It says in such a loving way how I would love to have my Mistress write to me.
    It will inspire me to serve Her without any thoughts for myself and entirely for Her pleasure.

    It means a lot to me that you shared something so beautiful with me:

    "SWEET submissive,

    I can't say enough how much I love you serving ME so intimately and MY using you as MY licking toy.
    I was very pleased with the way that you sucked and licked ME tonight.
    I have trained you up very nicely in the way that I desire you to satisfy and serve ME.
    you're such a good little pet."

    Thank you - You are indeed a wonderful friend.

    XXX Margaret"

    After I had received that lovely e-mail from Margaret, it was sometime during the next evening that I'd e-mailed her, again:

    "Your Lovely E-mail

    Hi Margaret,

    I must thank-you for your very timely and informative e-mails.
    As I've told you before, they do make for some interesting reading.
    So, you loved my Mistress' loving and warm e-mail to me?
    I must admit, that I really loved, not only receiving it, but also reading such an appreciative note, in regards to my submission to Her.
    It was so very special, that I know.
    I must let you know that ever since I had met with my Mistress and then had left Her presence, my Mistress has very much been on my mind.
    Yes, very much, so!!
    As always, I wondered about Her, wondered if She'll be having me for Her use and for Her pleasure, again?
    Throughout this past week my Mistress had me wondering about Her?
    What day will it be that She will be wanting to see me, to use me?
    The anticipation was absolutely "killing" me.

    I must say, it all worked out, as if by design, my Mistress phoned me during the noon hour, yesterday.
    Nothing much was said, except that my Mistress would be expecting me later on that day.
    As I know, my Mistress is a Mistress of few words.
    It was later on that day that I had arrived at Her Lair.
    As usual, as I was just starting to remove my clothing, my Mistress then made it a point to start Her inspection, Her thorough inspection of me.
    Soon after, my Mistress ordered me to pull my underwear all the way down and to bend over, so that She could inspect my anus.
    She did, and She even remarked that She loved what She saw, that it was very clean!
    I was relieved, to say the least.

    To start things off, after I had undressed, my Mistress wanted me to follow Her to Her Washroom.
    My Mistress then ordered me to take a shower and then to dry myself off.
    So, I did!
    She even started the water for me, making sure that the water was just the right temperature.
    Soon after I'd dried myself off, my Mistress had informed me how She wanted me to serve Her,...........all dressed up as a Lady, a Lady-boi, again!
    First, to start off the process, my Mistress had me pull up my legs a pair of designer style nylons, for Her.
    My Mistress loved the look of those on my legs!
    She even told me so.
    Anyways, my Mistress assisted me with those nylons by attaching them to a garter belt.
    My Mistress did NOT require me to wear panties, however.
    She definitely wanted me to go sans panties, that I know.
    She wanted my erect cock and very full balls to be readily accessible to Her and for Her use.

    Continuing on with Her inspection of my body (which coincidentally is owned by my Mistress), She also made mention to me that She wants my bumhole area to be nice and clean-shaven for Her.
    She intimated to me that She has plans to shave me in that regard, making mention of that in passing.
    My Mistress then proceeded to apply eyeliner, eyebrow highlighter, blush to my cheeks and spreading it around, and, last but not least, lipstick to my lips.
    She was most pleased with my appearance.
    I was then directed by my Mistress into Her "little" playroom, where I was ordered to play with myself.
    It must be noted that I was looking down at the floor, trying to concentrate on the task at hand.
    My Mistress made note of that and ordered me to immediately look into Her eyes, but to stop just before I felt like I was going to cum.
    I was ordered by Her, specifically, NOT to cum!!
    After I almost came and I stopped, this pleased my Mistress very much.

    After that, we adjourned to my Mistress' Washroom, again, and, I was instructed to lie face up in Her bathtub.
    My Mistress also got into the bathtub, but She was standing up and over me.
    She then told me:
    "If you know what's good for you, you'll close your eyes; otherwise your eyes will hurt! Ohh, and by the way, I have pretty good aim, you know? Now, open up your mouth!"

    And pee down on me and into my mouth, my Mistress did.
    Wow, I'd received a golden shower from my Mistress!!
    I was then permitted to shower, again, a nice hot shower at that!
    After I'd dried myself off, I was caught by complete surprise!!
    I was ordered to play with myself, to look into my Mistress' eyes, and to stop just before cumming, again!!
    This was done twice!

    Soon after, I was lead back to my Mistress' "little" playroom, again, and was ordered to sit down in front of my Mistress' Throne, so to speak, as my Mistress sat down and then spread Her lovely pussy right in front of my face, ordering me to shave Her private area.
    Careful, slowly, and attention to detail - those were the words of the day!
    Besides my being understandably nervous, as I was performing such a private matter for my Mistress, ohh, I was also so very horny!
    I loved being in such a position of servitude, as I had my left hand and fingers playing around the entrance of the bum hole and pussy of my Mistress.
    It was with my fingers, that I had the lovely task of making sure that the pubic hair around my Mistress' pussy was shaved smooth.
    Oh, and being that I have what can best be described as an intimate awareness in such matters, I made sure not to forget the shaving of Her lovely "taint".
    I venture to say, that as I was nearing completion, I could not help but notice how wet my Mistress' pussy had become.
    It was a very lovely experience, seeing that.
    I passed the test, and made my Mistress very happy as Her pussy was shaved smooth.
    And, after that, my Mistress stood up and had me standing right next to Her, as She then made me shave Her underarms, as well!
    Wow, that was such an intimate, as well as, different way that my Mistress had used me!!

    I can't say enough what it was like being afforded such an up close and personal view of my Mistress' pussy.
    I could never have imagined or even dreamt about a beautiful Mistress (as She is) to use me in such an intimate, private, and personal way.
    Yes, I was nervous and I was also very excited to be trained by my Mistress in that way!
    All I have say, in regards to that, is that my Mistress definitely left me with such a pent-up and euphoric feeling.
    It was after I had left my Mistress, as well as all thru the night, that all I thought and dreamt about was Her pussy, and my being permitted to spread those lips of Her pussy wide apart with my fingers, and then to shave Her "down there".

    Now, to answer your question about the cock and ball harness that I wear - it is rather constricting, but at the same time it keeps me hard and erect, that I know!
    With it on, my Mistress is always on my mind, especially when I'm away from Her.

    Margaret, hopefully all went well with you and your Mistress, this weekend?"

    To be continued....

    I must make mention that this is a work of fiction.
    Characters, visuals/GIFs, and incidents are either the products of the author’s imagination or are used in a fictitious manner.
    Any resemblance to actual persons or actual incidents is purely coincidental.
    The author accepts no responsibility for any thoughts you may form after reading his works.
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