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Thread: Be Careful Out There...

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    Be Careful Out There...

    Another made-in-Manitoba story reflecting the fine state of the industry here:
    carpe jugulum

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    I'd like to know whereabouts this apartment is.......good thing I have a few regular ladies I see when they're in town.

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    Sweet Jesus! On top of all that, he's going to have to get checked out for HIV from the needle injection.

    Stay away from the backpages of Backpage.

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    ..what the actual fuck. Jesus. I'm glad I've been taking a break from this hobby. It's shit like this that makes me not miss it at all.

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    Although there is no facts or proof to tie this story to articles below, it is curious if the people in all of these articles know each other, or are connected in some way. Brandon is not that big of a city (50,000 people, maybe?), and, just like Winnipeg, the police know who the gang members, pimps, and drug users are & where they hang out & hide out.

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    Am I the only one who finds it odd that all of those news reports do not include the names of the offenders?
    You can rest assured that if you or I was arrested for the "crime" of communication for the purposes of..... that our names would be in each and every article that was written about it.
    That my food for thought of the day.

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    Truthfully I'm not in Brandon all the time but I would never guess that it was this crazy out here. You never see it or at least I don't. It just seems like a big town and everyone seems so friendly. I grew up in Winnipeg and it's not close to being that crazy. I'm really surprised by all this craziness lately.

    I'm guessing that this must be from Craig's list? Might be wrong but seems weird that they would pick him up and bring him back to their place? I'm not trying to be mean to the victim but from this news clip it doesn't sound like a smart thing to get involved with. I guess looking back I made some bad mistakes when first starting out but this shows why these boards are so important to stay safe. That's why you have to stick with well reviewed ladies.

    Thanks to everyone who reviews and brings threads like this to light!

    Stay safe everyone (sp's & pooners)

    Happy long weekend

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    On the BPS media release for yesterday, there was another case involving men with machetes and uttering threats:

    Fuck me, I think I'm going to steer clear of Wheaties games. All of the home fans will be pulling out their machete's on a bad night!

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    [QUOTE=nearandfar;1780370]On the BPS media release for yesterday, there was another case involving men with machetes and uttering threats:

    How is that different from going to The Forks in Winnipeg, where someone at random may just pull out a machete and start whacking at someone?

    Yes, The Forks is "supposed" to be a family oriented, touristy, safe place...then gangs see one another and don't give a crap about behaving themselves.

    Too many machete incidents in the downtown/west end/ north end to specifically pick one from, but the point is, criminal activity is, or can be anywhere at any time.
    Who runs after someone into a hospital and shoots wildly and randomly at that person? These idiots...

    Meanwhile, the Mayor, CoW councillors, certain legal & judicial system members, et al, say & claim that downtown is safe, these are "random acts of violence", blah blah blah...
    Same as Brandon, Winnipeg has it's share of incidents which can happen anywhere at seemingly any time.

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