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Thread: Backoage problems

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    Backoage problems

    Is anyone having trouble getting into the Canadian site for backpage. I hit victoria and it directs me to the American site

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    I'm having the same problem... Tried Vancouver, Victoria and I am always redirected to the American site

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    No prob in central island area

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    Do you use a vpn?

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    One of my Twitter followers did! And their payment processing is messed up RN big time. Damned if you do and damned if you don't.

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    HI thought it was just me, as I'm down south (US) checking via my VictoriaBP bookmark.

    Seems to be redirecting to I'm suprised only some of you are blocked....

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    Quote Originally Posted by citizencane View Post
    Works for me. Maybe try using the direct address:
    It sent me straight to the US site. I just found it only does it with chrome not explorer after my upgrade

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