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Thread: Elsie and crew 4754 7819

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    Elsie and crew 4754 7819

    Any info on the Elsie crew ?
    I use to enjoy seeing Coco for her massage.
    Low rate and good attitude.
    Last location on 41st. Kingsway prior to that.
    She has disappeared.

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    think they are long gone, coco used to really put effort into her massage and I always thought of this place like a massage place with extras. only in this case the extras were FS. kelly was similar in service as well

    80/45 kelly
    80/30 coco
    80/45 elsie (never bothered with elsie as reviews were not very good)

    saw another girl there one time who looked quite good but rates were same as elsewhere and those were known providers so I passed, forgot her name

    coco moved over to 41st and Rhodes for a time but have not seen an add for her for quite some time now

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