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    I don't review often but I saw Roxy a few weeks ago. Worst experience I've ever had. I was just looking for something quick and cheap and that's exactly what she offers. She is beautiful that's a fact. Amazing body. But the service is awful. Offered a massage then said oops I already have a condom open so let's just start. Quick cbj and then she just says doggie. Few minutes of that... mechanical no interest from her then says turn over and manual release as she doesn't allow you to finish during even with cover. Then she got up and just went into her bathroom/closet and talked to me with her back turned while I got dressed. Maybe caught her on a bad day but other reviews are similar. I'm not mad about it I got what I paid for and she is certainly gorgeous! Just a warning not to expect decent service from her. Don't waste more $ than just a quickie.

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    Did she say anything about her breasts? Your experience sums it up.
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    Thxs for reviewing. You didn't catch her on a off day, that's her service. I agree with everything you said but I did get the massage and it was ok. I've seen her in Brandon and would again there because we don't get many options but you could easily find better in Winnipeg. She's a good looking girl and the service is fine for the $ but wouldn't be worth more. She likes to talk and is easy enough to get along with.

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    Other reviews of her, including mine, are 100% the same as this. She is absolutely terrible at her job and is incapable of even the effort it would require to care less about the service she gives. Great looking though. With half a cup of jam she could be running this town.

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    I did like Roxy at first but I have seen so much better providers than her that I have to agree with above as well. I think so too that there is something lacking in her service. Can't argue though about her being gorgeous. One of the best looking girls around with a banging body. That might be the reason I might see her again.

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    Pics on her ad are accurate but with her, the price of admission is for a quickie with a hot chick. If your expecting a sensual courtesan then look somewhere else. Booked for 15min or HH. I do hope she improves her service though
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    whats the link? this one doesnt work

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