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Thread: Dawn at SVIP

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    Dawn at SVIP

    This was my second one hour session. This angel is so yummy and satisfying .
    She is very heavenly beautiful and sensual. She really enjoys her session and she know how to make love.
    Very talented youg lady .

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    I met her at the SweetVIPS party. A really sweet girl, hope to see soon.

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    Dawn looks so sexy! I know that she's not a 21-22 year old college coed.

    Rather, a mature 28-32 year old woman, who can be very sexy!

    SHE is on ky bucket list for my Victoria visit!

    Love the wavy blonde hair too!

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    It's like you can't miss at SweetVIPs these days. I am done paying for girls who charge far more for far less on BP. Then in person it turns out the pics were ancient. Then they are often bitchy or unfriendly. It would be great if I could get into SweetVIPS more discreetly though.

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    Where is the general area of SVIPS ?

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    It's downtown, near City Hall.

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    Got it thanks, that could present some issues.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Da Kine View Post
    Got it thanks, that could present some issues.
    If you arrive exactly on time you should be able to enter within a few seconds - hardly time for any "issues." But like an SP once told me about Victoria: "people are in your business." It was Teagan at CCE who had moved to Vic from Montreal. A couple of weeks later she was gone.
    "If sex is Mount Olympus, doggy style is drinking the nectar of the gods and communing with Them"

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    Dawn is stellar. There is something about her voice... beautiful. A classy lady.

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    I finally got to the island, and booked an hour with Dawn! Very happy that I did so!

    Dawn's facial features are actually very wholesome. I'd put her in her early 30s. "If you are a man, 35-45, and your wife 28-34 looks facially like Dawn, you would be a very happy man."

    I paid her a tip for bbbj, but I knew that coming in. And, for those of you who read my Vancouver reviews, especially West Coast Angels, know my goober geek nerd dom, who likes to be spanked. Dawn was VERY good at that!

    Very nice bls on me, dfks very well, is cool with daty (I partook, but it's not MY biggest thing). Finish with doggy, and some nice loud screams, which were a real turn on!

    Nice small perky A-B cups, just the way I like them!

    I had been drooling over Dawn's pics for weeks, and I finally got to see for myself!

    Hope to get back over to the Island soon!

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    Finally saw Dawn yesterday. A beautiful, sensual girl with delicate looks who knows how to please.

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