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Thread: Nuru gentlemen's massage

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    Nuru gentlemen's massage

    Has anyone visited this provider yet?

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    Flagged. Wish I could see it. I have been wanting to Try Nuru.

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    Flagged again. Damn...

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    Well I guess that answers my question on if it's a provider I should visit.

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    You mean this one?

    For what it's worth, there's at least one other Nuru provider in town:

    I haven't visited either so can't offer any opinion but Amellia does have some searchable reviews.

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    Thanks quiotriot that was the listing, I will check out Amellia.

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    But are there any Nuru full service providers?

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    Quote Originally Posted by superbrick View Post
    But are there any Nuru full service providers?
    I know only one, but she's in Richmond - Riza, whose ad you sometimes see at the top of the page. I never did Nuru with her, though, just regular service.
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    There's also Lady Vanessa in Nanaimo that does FS nuru, but I don't know of anyone in town.

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