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Thread: Duo/4 Hands Massage Worth It in Vancouver?

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    Duo/4 Hands Massage Worth It in Vancouver?

    Hi everyone,

    As you may know I'm fairly new to the west coast. I haven't seen many mps and sps here just cuz I got so spoiled from out east.

    I performed a search but did not find the answer,. So, my question is as stated in the title: Are duo massages in van worth it? And if so, I would appreciate any recommendations of where this is best. And also the pricing structure if it's different than how I would be accustomed (same room fee, individual tip depending on service provided, ie level of disrobe and whether hj, more, etc).

    As always, I appreciate the insight from the community. Feel free to pm if necessary


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    Bump? Sorry. Any insight is appreciated

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