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Thread: free movie viewing

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    Thumbs up free movie viewing

    I thought I'd share this site with you guys & gals. For your viewing enjoyment. Should be something here for everyone.

    ***It was brought to my attention that the link I provided could compromise the security of your computer. So, I have removed the link. I apologize and hope no one got burned.***
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    Not necessarily all that safe...


    Ah, be careful. Such sites that require disabiling of a firewall (which you should be using) are, umm, careful.

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    Disable Firewall

    "A Security Error has occured.

    If you are a cable or dsl user using a software firewall,
    try temporarily disabling it and try this link again."

    Yeah right. Once I got this message I was out of there.

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    Hmmm...sorry guys. Didn't know about that. I was able to access this at work and didn't think there was a problem. We have a firewall here too.

    Here's the link that lead to it all. Maybe this is the way to go. Maybe not...

    ***link has been removed by wooly110***
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    Unhappy Not safe at any speed (dial, ISDN, Cable whatever)

    No offence wooly man but all this is just spam. Get yourself a piece of freeware called AdAware by LavaSoft (if you doubt me, do a websearch on reputable computer software mag reviews) and then scan your machine. If ANY site adds a doubleclick, sextracker or similar, you are opening your computer to people you may not want there.

    Play safe and keep your machine clean. Don't turn off your firewall for anyone, including your mama.

    It is a strange world out there - just try writing a post about keeping prices down and see how many "attacks" your computer gets (nice thing is I get to collect that info and forward to their ISP and, voila, no more attacks!).

    Wooly, if your workplace firewall lets you onto sites a low rent Future Shop purchase doesn't, I wouldn't be doing my banking at your office anytime soon.

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    Howie - I don't doubt you at all. I had no idea about what was going on. My apologies. Maybe I should just delete this whole thread altogether so no one gets burned?

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    Delete Thread?

    I wouldn't necessarily delete the entire thread just edit your posts and remove the links. If someone does go to this site and the security of their computer is compromised they probably won't think too highly of you.

    The thread itself is a good reminder not to let anyone past your computers security measures.

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    I agree with Lickher, think of it as a public service reminder. All is not friendly out there in cyberland, particularly with most adult sites.

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