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Thread: Royal Thai massage

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    Royal Thai massage

    Have not been answering phone calls or replying to text messages. Anyone know what is going on ? Thanks

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    if you ask about hj they will never answer you .that my experience

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    No, I am a long time customer. Was just wanting to set,up an appointment with Mira.

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    oh ok .but they never picked phone for me and they don't text me back mostly .i booked on there face book page haha

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    Nope. No luck. Guess Steve doesn't reply to messages

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    I have also booked through Facebook. Had trouble getting through by phone

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    Yes this place has turned into a gong show. I stopped going awhile back now. Seems like ever since Kwan hooked up with "Steve" aka Julian things have gone down hill. Kwan used to run a very professional business, but that's not the case any longer.

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    Kwan has always been good to me

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    I agree Kwan had exceptional service before. RTM bookings is killing her business. I often end up going some other place.

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