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Thread: Winnipeg Domme

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    Winnipeg Domme

    It's been a little bit since I sessioned in the BDSM realm in Winnipeg, but I was wondering if there is anyone relatively new or maybe a hidden gem worth seeing besides:
    -Regent (and I know one or two of her friends dabble in this world)
    -Older Domme (apologize for not remembering her name)
    -Leshia (sp?, who dabbles in this world every once in awhile)

    I have seen 3 of these 5, but would like to experience someone new. Thanks in advance ...StressR

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    Can't help with new, but I had a fun session with Regent when she visited Vancouver

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    I'd recommend Capital C Cougar. She is truly a good way.
    By the way, who is Leshia? How do I find her?

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    Hey bx...was trying to message you but your mailbox is full.

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    my mailbox should be ok now. Please try again, and thanks.

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