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Thread: Review: Roksi, again

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    Review: Roksi, again

    Roksi loves to kiss.

    Those of you that have been fortunate enough to spend time with her are probably rolling your eyes right now. Loves to kiss? Sure, buddy. Water is wet too. The sun is bright, don't look right at it. Death and taxes are the only things that are certain in this life.

    But hear me out for a minute. She loves to kiss, and so do I. But there is more to kissing than the mere contact of lips, the brush of one tongue with another. It's also the savoring of the experience. A lingering merest brush of the lips, as I stroke her neck and the small of her back with my fingertips. It's my reluctantly closing my eyes from those beautiful orbs and letting my other senses take over as I feel her warmth, smell her heavenly perfume. It's giving as well as taking, taking the time to learn what this beautiful near-stranger enjoys. It's joking with her, making her laugh. She loves to talk dirty while smiling coyly, you know. But my unexpected straight-faced suggestion that I do something that went far beyond her boundaries made her eyes go wide as she bellowed an off-guarded laugh. And I laughed too, to let her know that it was all a joke. Mostly.

    Perhaps it was then, that our foreplay began in earnest. Our kisses and caresses were the preliminaries to both of us letting our guard down, becoming just a little bit more real with each other. Our kisses had more depth, became more tender. I left a trail of kisses to her nipples, first one, then the other, hardening to my touch. I kissed past her slim, taut belly, and up the rise of her mons Venus. I reached my goal and I kissed. And licked. And savored. I took my time, I had plenty of it. And I was rewarded by a soft cry, Roksi's face twisting in sweet agony as her thighs gripped my head. Her face and neck were bright red. There was no need for any pretense today, and we both knew it.

    I rose, my face wet. She wrapped around me and we kissed. Tenderly, like before, but there was a difference. Because it was then, that we were truly naked to each other. I thought we would keep kissing for a while, but Roksi had other ideas. She laid me on my back, and kneeled between my thighs. She had a mischievous glance up at me, watching my reaction as she took me in her mouth. As if I would complain. As if.

    There were so many moments etched in my memory from that day. I loved watching her riding me cowgirl, her breasts bouncing in time, her panting with breath. More time kneeling between her thighs, those sweet lips gasping for breath as her face flushed even redder. Those memories will have to do. They will be all I have, until she comes to town next.

    As I was leaving, she asked me if I would miss her. I smiled wryly. I told her I would. But I like to think, that she would miss me a little too. Just a little. Because dreaming about the next time? Why, that's foreplay too.

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    Birdie, you need to brush up on your Latin. It's mons veneris, not mons Venus.

    Just yanking your chain! Seriously, great review, with more detail than in many of your previous posts. Nicely done!

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    Ya gotta leave something to improve for next time. Thanks, Avery!

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    Do u have a link for this one... is she on bp...couldn't find her

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    Quote Originally Posted by samson868 View Post
    Do u have a link for this one... is she on bp...couldn't find her
    She is here for one more day. Ads on caf and EC.
    Even though there are days I wish I could change some things that happened in the past, there’s a reason the rear view mirror is so small and the windshield is so big, where you’re headed is much more important than what you’ve left behind.

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    One of my ATF!

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    Roksi is fabulous. You can't go wrong with Ireland's greatest export!

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    Seen Roksi twice now, first time was so good I had to see her again a month later when she was in town. Same hotel, same booking experience w her assistant. Roksi is a super sexy Irish brunette who loves loves loves the dirty talk and she is legendary at it. I'd highly recommend seeing her at least once or twice and then deciding if she's your ATF or not, she's that good. Love making out with her, she has fantastic lips. Eating her pussy was the best, she's scrumptious down there too. She keeps herself in great shape it seems and she really is a fuck machine. She says she loves to suck cock too and it shows! She even asked me to cum on her toes, she's a freak this one!! Loved kissing her all over her sexy self getting her going again. She's a bit shorter of a girl but for me she's the perfect body type. Not skinny but not larger at all either, literally perfectly right in the middle. Great sexy legs, nice booty and some nice meat on her.. Making out w her in CG will be etched in my mind forever! Only issue I had with her is that on the 2nd visit she did sort of boot me out a bit early while we were trying for the 2nd shot after I had even adjusted my booking time at her request! Other than that she is an absolute sweetheart.

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