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Thread: Yao Mao private desires

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    Yao Mao private desires

    Any Info on this girl "3681" LL. Should "verified" pics from LL be considered safe or am I safe to assume a bait and switch?

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    Verified means the pics are legit, doesn't mean anything about services. There is a infamous scammer, goes by Berry Knox, or Sweet Berry J, multiple aliases and numbers. Bring a guy to rob you or just tries to rush you out. Her pics are verified too, but she isn't safe to visit.

    50/50 all the same.

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    thanks for the heads up jamasianman!

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    Out of retirement just to TOFTT, haven't been pooning in a long time. But needed to get one out of my system so TOFTT for you guys. Saw this new batch of ads by the "Private Desire Vancouver Premier Escorts" I tried Yao Mao as she looked good to me. Booking was easy. I txt YM's actual number listed for her name not the generic one attached to all the girls. Txt back right away saying the time i wanted was available. Gave me address and the usual txt when in front of the building routine.

    Went up, standard behind the door. Go in and the verified pic/vid is definately her. No photoshop or anything. Age i personally don't think is as young as the ad states. Probably early 30's. Pay up front before starting, went to the shower, just a regular wash down. She spoke i think both Mando/Canto. English pretty much none. I'm more of a canto..kinda very horrible but since she got that info from me she spoke in Canto and seemed to know much about HK so i'm thinking she's better at Canto?
    Anyways.. shower out of the shower to the bedroom. She used mouth wash but non was offered to me. On to the bed where i lay on my tummy at first then she asked "massage?" i opted no so she said to turn and lie on my back then. She gave me the light finger type massage on the front down my inner thighs/legs. I'm ticklish so i wasn't into that, if its on my back i'm fine but not front. She then went to do BBBJ. The BBBJ was excellent imo, did this twisting motion with her hands and mouth, just the right amount of sucking for me though it might be too light for some of you guys.
    On went the Hat and she asked what i prefered, her on top or bottom. I went for her on top and said switch later. She's got great breasts and nice pencil eraser type nipple. Loved playing with her fun bags (Medium firm)
    She rode me for awhile til i wanted to switch then to mish... i wanted to suck on her titties so i stopped pumping and went to play with her breasts some more... then went to DATY but i was denied.
    'm sure you can cuz I tried for DATY which she was willing to do only if i had used mouth wash which i hadn't so we skipped that.

    Digits not sure.. i did play with her clit but didnt try to insert..she was receptive to the clit play though and she liked her nipples licked/sucked. No DFK or LFK and she was pretty friendly with me so I don't think those are on the menu. Possibly if you go often enough but with our good rapport level it wasn't there for me. Just pecks on the lips. nothing else.
    Finished in Mish and then went for another shower. Again no mouth wash offered to me after but she used it, i'm sure if you ask she'll give it to you but i just thought it would be standard to offer it and not have to ask.

    Overall a pleasant experience, pretty much routine service i think though a good rapport and conversation despite my horrible canto.
    I paid for 45 mins, the price is on the add. IMO its kinda high for that kind of standard service that's not GFE. I did get the amount of time, no rushing. I think that the price they are charging is due to the actual promise of NO FAKE PICS and NO BAIT AND SWITCHES which we all know there are a lot of out there. So at least you get what you see and the pics are definately verified.

    L: 8
    S: 7
    A: 8

    Repeat: since i'm not really doing this regularly no. If i were to do it regularly yes just because she was nice to talk to. It's nice when you have a more personal connection with an SP, though I wish the service was better. I like DFK, if she gave me that i'd be more inclined to say Yes definately even with the routine service.

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