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Thread: Anyone got ahold of Taylor Star 3115 recently?

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    Anyone got ahold of Taylor Star 3115 recently?

    Her new site is and I wonder if her services has improved since last year.
    She is young and good looking but if she doesn't put in the effort, then the sex will still only be average

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    The sex is below average. She has no energy, and makes no effort. She won't even let you go in too deep, and pushes with her legs and hips to stop you if she thinks you're going too hard. I've stupidly seen her three times since her pictures are nice. The first time I was unsatisfied but thought if I repeated she would open up more as she gets comfortable. The second time it was no better and the third time I was just being dumb for going back. I left in a terrible mood and wished I got my half hour back.

    Oh, and she's a time waster. When you call and book she'll say she's available anytime but when you get there don't be surprised if you're standing by the door for at least 20 minutes before she comes along to let you into the building.

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