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Thread: Drought is over, Stacie Dash is here

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    Drought is over, Stacie Dash is here

    it's been a while since I have wrote a review mostly because I normally see the girls that are fairly reviewed (playing it safe) but the recent drought of legit SPs made me take a risk (still calculated one) and after doing some research I TOFTT with Stacie Dash and I must say it was one of the best decisions that I have made in a while.

    Shoot the text and received a prompt reply and after some chit chat about the services and availability, set the appointment and head to the location which was in one of the nice condos around downtown, got to the door and was greeted with one of the hottest girls I have seen in a while, which made me a little uncomfortable, I mean this girl has curves that goes on for days, she is one of those girls that is the perfect balance between cute and gorgeous, nutty and nice and so on, then I was asked to take a shower which I obliged (as if anyone can say no to her) and when I entered the room I was faced with a scene that jump started my little guy, she was bent over to open the window and the sight of that gorgeous ass in that position was worth the admission. shortly after we started talking she made me comfortable with her relaxed and welcoming attitude. our chat was short lived since I couldn't keep my hands and lips to myself and MY GOD she is Yummy, she tastes good, she smells good and she is very proactive. one thing led to another and before I know it I've already tried bunch of different positions, now I don't know about you but I always try all the position that I can and then I decide which one I should pick for the grand finally but with Stacie I had a really hard time picking one since she is sexy as hell in every positions, finally I settled for emperor position since in this position I could see everything this sexy creation of God had to offer. after that we had a long, pleasant and unrushed conversation that dragged over my time, I didn't want to take advantage of her sweetness but at the same time it was so difficult to say goodbye to this sweet beauty and head back to the real world.

    Guys we have a GEM in our hand so treat her nice and show her a good time here since it is her first visit to Winnipeg and we might end up with a regular visitor.

    She is here with her GF Rose Paradis which they share a condo together and apparently provide a very interactive duo.

    Stacie, thank you for the great time, hope you enjoy it here and decide to visit us regularly.
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    Thank you for the nice review
    Does Stacie offer DFK and BBBJ?

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    Nice review! Thanks

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    Quote Originally Posted by aslsl View Post
    Thank you for the nice review
    Does Stacie offer DFK and BBBJ?
    Yes, but as always YMMV

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    Emperor Position??

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    Quote Originally Posted by blazejowski View Post
    Emperor Position??
    Looks like this position is fun.

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    what was the damage?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kennystyles View Post
    what was the damage?
    Contributions have been stated in her perb ad*

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    Love the emperor position! Thanks btw never knew it was called that.....just called it the horizontal doggie ...

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