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    as most of you know I dont hobby much anymore but just spent many weeks in Ontario and Ottawa, where i Have been amny times as work is often government.
    I wonder when i travel how hboby works and see them, the massage and SP stuff on local boards. I notice Ontario has agencys having specials and Themes. We dont have that
    here at all, all the same - websites don'tchange enough, never a special, never a theme.

    toronto = lingerie theme, bikini

    ottawa yesterday was costime themes where all the ladies dressed as superheroes.

    i wonder If we need to increase our energy and ask our agencys to try a bit harder to make things fun again, sort of like Trump - make SPs Great again. (Yes, I like Trump!)

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    Let's not turn this into a love or hate Trump thread. On the note of agencies, certainly would be interesting to see agency SP in costumes or themes. Wonder woman anyone??

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    How about just letting the girls at the agency be themselves and be the professionals they are. They aren't some kind of a novelty act where they dress up for your amusement. Why don't you dress up like a clown and go into your work and amuse your customers and coworkers.

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    Their not accounting firms. I little spirit is good for the morale

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    Austinpowersmojo, your comments are the reason perb has a bad rep. ChappyM made a suggestion, if you don't like it just say you don't like it. Or you can continue to be a pain in everyone's a$$ here. Your choice, im sure you'll respond with some more sass - be my guest.

    Moving on, ChappyM I think this would add alot of value to visiting the agencies and spice things up. I'm going to mention it to the owners at CCE and SVIPS. This town needs a morale boost.

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    A lady greeting me in a short summer dress and heels is enough for me - or lingerie and heels, always a crowd pleaser. Some girls at BOA list costumes as part of their options, so those could be requested. Also, VIP does themed parties and they're always trying new things.

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