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Thread: Half hour or full hour?

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    Half hour or full hour?

    Just out of curiousity, what do you guys prefer more, booking half hour or full hour? I'll be seeing someone this weekend, and have always done hh, but wasn't sure if you guys thought and hour was worth it?

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    I prefer a hr and use to always go that way but now if I'm seeing someone new I start with hh or even sometimes 15 mins if it's a option unless it's someone who got amazing reviews (eg Riley, Russian Irena etc) from multiple guys that I trust. I found some of the girls that I like seeing (younger French girls) normally get you in, get you off, and get you out. Seemed to be a waste of money when you pay for a hr and out in 20 mins. Plus sometimes you just don't connect with someone and it turns into a long hr for both. If I like someone enough to repeat then I will normally go for a hr.

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    An hour is the only way I can bring any possible 'normalcy' to the table given the absurdity of the entire exchange

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    I like to split the difference at 45

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    I've always booked hours. Just recently I did a half and regretted it. Just too rushed. I like to spend some time enjoying someones company before or after depending on how things go. For the half hour it was just too quick.

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    If you think of it in a very strict VFM sense, an hour gets you more bang for your buck, if you can reliably bang that much (or that often).

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    An hour or more.
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    An hour and I order MSOG (whether I manage to or not).

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    Since I'm arriving from home freshly showered etc I prefer half hour or 45 min. Hour or hours hold no appeal to me. No doubt I've been bumped for a longer booking. After all it is a business.


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    Really depends on the girl and my mood/ intent. Many BP girls would be 1/2 hr or less... wham, bam, thank you.. Others however I would prefer at least an hour if not longer. If Daty, MSOG, etc is on the table 1/2 hour is rushed. Plus some ladies like Riley, Gia, Felina, etc... are nice to enjoy a bottle of wine and extended flirting, foreplay.
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    Quote Originally Posted by golferjohn View Post
    An hour is the only way I can bring any possible 'normalcy' to the table given the absurdity of the entire exchange
    Agreed. Tried a 1/2 hr appt recently and I wouldn't recommend it for visiting well reviewed SPs.

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