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Thread: Tiny Luxx Lavender: This Alt-Girl Loves Greek!

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    Tiny Luxx Lavender: This Alt-Girl Loves Greek!

    Texted Tiny Luxx Lavender a few days ago to say, "Hi" and here's what she texted back, "Are you thinking of putting it in my ass today, finally!?

    Okay, now that is both some saucy attitude mixed with precocious horniness, right there! How can a dirty old perv like me resist that from an
    amazing little minx like Luxx??

    Scooted to her incall at Mamacita's, in the door, duck down not to hit my head on the low ceiling of the entrance, slide open the metal
    accordion door and look up the Purple Rain lighting of the staircase and holy shit!

    Tiny, Sexy, Sporty Luxx in her Calvin Klein sports bra and undies, 7" stilettos with little black sperms painted all over their crystal clear high
    heels. This hot little outfit just highlighting every sexy sweet curve of her hot little hard body. She's so pretty with her long purple/blue dreds,
    hot ink adorning her porcelain skin, she is every inch HAWT!

    She showed me to the room and was back in laying on her tummy waiting when I got out of the shower. I bent down for a sweet languid wet kiss,
    stroked her soft back, buttocks and legs as she dangled her stiletto clad feet in my face. I slowly slipped each shoe off her amazingly pretty feet
    and tasted her high arches, long slender toes and soft heels, nibbling on them gently as she moaned with pleasure.

    When I looked up I spied a sweet little wet spot on her soft grey undies. Luxx arched her back and jutted her hot booty up as she slowly slid
    down those wet panties. And what a provocative surprise I found there! A see through glass butt plug buried deep in her tush. I licked all
    around it and up to that sensitive spot above her ass, eliciting more deep sultry moans from her.

    Then a few long licks along the meaty, wet pink lips of her vagina and she started writhing under my tongue. Then I pulled that kinky glass
    butt plug, slowly out of her deliciously distending asshole. What a guttural, feral sound she made as it finally popped out. Yum!

    I ran my tongue along the small of her back to her neck as she got up onto her knees pulling her sports bra over her head and off. She
    turned around onto her back and we kissed, deep long, liquid kisses. Her sweet natural perky B titties just begged to be suckled,
    nibbled and slurped by my hungry tongue, her responsive nipples engorging in my mouth.

    Down her taut tummy to her swollen clit and puffy pussy lips, Mmmm, the DATY was so delicious! Then she lay on her side and slid
    a condom on me and took my cock into her mouth. Slow deep throat thrusts with no gag reflex as I gently, sensually fucked her pretty
    face while I caressed her legs and sucked on her toes. This went on for a beautiful long while until I knelt down and kissed her sweet
    mouth again.

    She turned over onto her tummy, her face down on the edge of the bed, ass thrust up as she lubed it nicely. I was so hard as I slid in
    slowly, working it past her pouty pink sphincter and into her tight, clingy asshole as she moaned deeply. I slid it in deep and hard
    as her gorgeous little body trembled under me. Wow, Luxx really loves anal and we worked it like this, rocking a nice slow rhythm.
    After a long sweet ride like this, I finally pulled out of her tight clingy little hole with a smooth pop as she turned and lay back on her
    side and took my dick, atm right back deep throat into her mouth.

    This was so hot, I just had to kiss her again, tasting her tangy anal juices on her tongue. Holy fuck she's amazing!

    We finished with her sitting her awesome ass on my face, fucking my tongue with her sphincter and then sliding her wet, meaty vag
    onto my mouth as I slurped on her big pussy lips and finally sucking on her clit until she orgasmed over my mouth, her juices all
    over my happy face as I slurped it all up.

    NOTHING could be sweeter! Thank you Luxx. Like I said after our session, you are AMAZING!!!

    P.S. Luxx is currently using either Mamacita's Spa or Venus Spa as her incalls. Her phone number is 587-776-3177.
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    Nice job Santa. Sounds like one hell of a PSE session. Hopefully she gets a private incall soon.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Beaverfever000 View Post
    Nice job Santa. Sounds like one hell of a PSE session. Hopefully she gets a private incall soon.
    Thanks Beaverfever. Not a true PSE as Luxx requires a condom for BJs, which I respect her for in this day and age with all the stuff going around. But in every other sense, including her incredible enthusiasm and deepthroat skills, wow this girl is all there for you!

    As for the incall thing, she's a true independent, whether she uses an MP or a private incall. There are disadvantages or advantages to either and I've got to respect an SP for whichever she chooses.
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    Sounds amazing, I'll have to give her a go. What was the damage.
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