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    Has anyone seen Jenna in Brandon? I texted her and she seems reasonable. Cant find any other reviews.

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    I saw Jenna on Sunday and was my 2nd visit with her. Leaving out the looks as she is very beautiful, her body is an absolute killer . She met me at the door with a great greeting. There was some small talk .She then asked me if I wanted a massage, she heated up the lotion and started . All I can say is WOW relaxing . Now down to business, got covered up and away it all went . Finished off with a shower with her, some more small talk a hug and away I went . NOT A CLOCK WATCHER AND EXTREMELY WORTH THE VISIT

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    Is Jenna a local lady?

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    Quote Originally Posted by tworusty View Post
    Is Jenna a local lady?
    She has been here for awhile, I guess u could call her local

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