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Thread: "yvr_hacker" Exposed ??? What is the True Handle ?

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    "yvr_hacker" Exposed ??? What is the True Handle ?

    This Thread, seems to be questioning some Handle history ?

    I'm just Curious, what is the Background & The Truth ?

    Just so We're not dealing with Rumors & Hearsay ?

    Any Comments ?


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    All his posts are pointing to it if you read between the lines.
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    Posts like these make me feel sad and loses a bit of respect for this board.

    Let people have their handles and let them keep their anonymity. It's the Internet for god's sake. If he truly has many, many handles then PerbMod will come in and shut it down.

    I was very impressed in April at the inclusivity and genuine helpfulness of the board. May seems to be off to a horrible start lol. I like YVR, sure he tangents a lot but who cares. Only when it completely derails the original poster's question will people chime in and gently remind him. I think it's all good.
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    When he came up with the new handle, he made it clear (and obvious) he was "warlock", I don't think there was anything malicious going on, he has great insight with computer/web things, I think he was stepping up for his friend Riza, no damage done, let him do his thing and we can all learn a bit...

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    His posts had a familiar tone to them, commenting everywhere whether it was needed or not. Once a know-it-all always a know-it-all.

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    It's a hobby forum on the internet, it's really not that serious enough to go on a sleuthing mission.

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    All I can say to him is:

    Surrey is the ghetto, LOL!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Peyton Alexander View Post

    It's a hobby forum on the internet, it's really not that serious enough to go on a sleuthing mission.
    Exactly! I'm thinking about starting a thread about why a thread was started about who yvr_hacker used to be on a review forum.

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    It's common knowledge the handle Warl0ck was his, it was deleted and this one set up. The mods are aware of this, the admin as well. End of story. Thread closed.

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