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Thread: Kaylin knows how to be a delightfull hostess

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    Kaylin knows how to be a delightfull hostess

    I met with Kaylin at SVIPS a couple of weeks ago in the morning before I had to return home. A wonderful time. She is sweet local Victoria girl who is really into hospitality, she even has a college degree in that subject!

    We had a nice time chatting and getting to know each other a little bit, she is an intelligent and cheerful young woman. She has an awesome curvy body with perky natural breasts that were perfect so I could not stay talking for too long. She skillfully applies the cover with her mouth and and really display her linguistic abilities, which she really enjoys. She loves to ride cowgirl both front and reverse. Although I wanted to explore more my time had cum and I lost it while watching her face in flushed with pleasure.

    I enjoy the afterglow and cuddling almost as much as " the deed" and lying cuddling chatting about her and her life was so relaxing and satisfying. I smiled all the way home on the Clipper. Thanks Kaylin, I hope to see you again, maybe with your friend Dawn!

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    Wow this lady is popular! - three reviews in ten days. I had a couple of half hour sessions with her late last year and I fully agree with your ASSessment

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    I would not put any personal information that an SP shares with me like local girl or what or where she studied on a public forum like this. It might compromise her discretion.

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    In retrospect you are absolutely correct. I 'm relatively new at this I apologize to all especially Kaylin. My intent was to complement not to compromise. I would edit this if I knew how to do it, or could.

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