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Thread: Shot in the dark

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    Shot in the dark

    I saw a girl once in Maple ridge. Red hair, a unique tat just below her breasts. Fantastic sex. This was a few months ago and wanted to see her again, but can't find an ad, and I also didnt save her number unfortunately. Anyone know who I'm talking about? Did she retire?

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    Did she advertise with the name Leah? Had an incall way out in the boonies north of the Alouette River? If so PM me.
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    Don't think that was her name, and her place was in Maple ridge for sure.

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    shaye i been trying to contsact her but she went mia> She has that diamond tat and crazy lips
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    Yup! Didn't want to call out her tat specifically in case she disappeared for a safety reason or something. At least now I've go her name again and will keep my eyes open if she pops back up

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    i have also been looking for shaye . i saw her add a few months ago but did not have the chance to meet has anyone seen her lately?

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