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    1163 group

    Has anyone tried out this group recently? I used to go here often back when they had Angela, but ever since Angela left the group the girls there have been very subpar.

    Wondering if anyone has tried out the new girls, Riri and Nika.


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    stay away from this group. they use a lot of fake pics stolen from a website in New York

    also the brosan is an idiot. he's so nervous about giving you the address....he'll only give it to you 5 mins before your appointment

    he doesn't take in account that you're driving and can't read his texts while driving, then you gotta look for the place, park the car, and walk to the building. by the time you do all that you're about 15 - 20 mins late and he's already given your time to someone else

    that's what happened to me last time I went there. had to come back an hour later and play text tag with the guy again just to get the buzzer and room number standing outside the building for 10 mins.

    finally got inside and still had to wait 15 mins for the girls to finish. saw both girls and walked. didn't look anything like the pics at all and not too friendly. they just open the door and peep around the corner with a bitch face and close the door again

    me and my buddy decided to walk out and go somewhere else

    saw Nika when they used a different name for her. she looks nothing like the pics. really skinny and homely looking. I walked on her

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    Thanks for the reply MasterP, Yeah this group is notorious for using fake pics, I guess every time I went I was hoping to run into another Gem like Angela. But so far it has been nothing but disappointment. I don't mind them using fake pics, most groups do. But at least have some decent looking girls that offer some good service.

    Guess we will have to stay away for a while.

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