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Thread: The goat

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    The goat

    Anyone know where lucky lake went?
    She was back for a few days and now gone again

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    Could be wrong but easiest way to get info might be to text Yasmine Love..

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    Saw that
    Whoever is doing those ads should be their teeth kicked in

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    Quote Originally Posted by johnsmith1133 View Post
    Whoever is doing those ads should be their teeth kicked in
    I can't fucking believe that - the previous fake Ad just got taken down last week, it's like goddamn whack-a-mole!

    The asshole that runs LL is well aware that's a scammers Ad, too.

    Remember, Report the fuck out of it boys and girls - that's all you can do!

    "People are always looking for an angle, looking to play on your weakness. They measure you by what they can take from you, by how they can use you to live." Rick Grimes, The Walking Dead - Season 5, Episode 12.

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    But seriously, where's Lucy Lake? Lol

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    I only came here to hear about goats

    -rock on to the community-

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