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Thread: Backpage massage advertisement

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    Backpage massage advertisement

    Any info:

    Has anyone checked this place out?

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    Hooked up with her the other night for what is called a Tantra massage. This was a very different experience for me. So unlike most massages there really isn't much massage going on but a whole lot of rubbing. It's an hour long erotic connection. YMMV but we developed a great bond an had probably the best experience of my life.

    This is a non fs and no oral by her. I was allowed a little but lots of touching. Amazing experience.

    Monika is a smaller bbw with big breasts and probably close to 40. If you want a spinner or 20 year this probably won't work. She is super nice. Cute little house on North side and professional table in a clean room. For 1 brown and 2.5 greens it was an hour of bliss. I will definitely be back when back in town.

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    Thanks for the info.

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    Hey guys, I'm going to be in town soon and staying on the north side. This lady sounds like a good option. Any chance this lady is on the north side? Any other recommendations while I'm here? I'm looking for a r&t on the north side (flying in and won't have a car). Feel free to pm if it is someone who doesn't like publicity. Thanks boys.

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    It doesnt say any anything about tantric on her website. Did you have to ask or did she suggest it?

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