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Thread: Naughty Nikki needs your help, Perbers !!!

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    Naughty Nikki needs your help, Perbers !!!

    Welcome fellow Perbers !

    I knew that Title, would get You in the Door !

    Now, I can cross "Cried Wolf" off of the Bucket List . LOL

    With all these Threads about Elections, Polls, Texting, and Lives of SPs .

    The least, us Perbers could do, is help out a Little Lady trying to make an unbiased Decision on the Winner of her Contest ?!!!

    So she needs the Readers, Critics, and Opinionaters of this Board ? To which, I might add, there is certainly no Shortage ! LOL
    To step up, and cast your Vote, in her Quest to complete her Contest !

    This is a Woman, who although I've never Met her, comes with a high Regard !
    Somebody, who has Done, the prerequisited 3 Years in the Trade .
    As suggested, by other Experts, on this Board ?
    While she's still working, on her Masters, in this Field .
    She has completed a B/A, in Adult Entertainment .

    This is a Woman, who has created a Niche Market for herself !
    While continuing, to promote herself, through this Contest .
    Now that's Marketing Savvy !
    Which was while injured, with no "Extended Health" coverage, I might add .
    I think, she could answer, quite a few Questions about Life in this Industry ?
    Including, the Ups & Downs, of Sharing an Incall !

    Sorry, but, She's not affiliated with a "Large Professional SP Agency" .

    And I'm sure, she would promise, not to send You unsolicited Texts trying to drum up some Work !

    Lastly I'm very thankful, that Cock Throppled, was too busy building Signs for those "Socialist Heathens" .
    As described, by a "Bitumen Sniffing Red & White" ? Oooohhh, I can smell some Controversy ? LMAO !

    We only stood a chance, because You didn't get your creative Juices flowing ?

    Well, I think I left the Rails, pretty loose on this One ?
    I"m going to grab a Beer, & watch the Crash !


    P.S. Bottom-Line: Read Nikki's Contest Thread, & please cast a Vote !
    Do I have a Vested interest ? Of course I do ! Don't We all, in our own little Worlds ?
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