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Thread: Sarah - Perfect Colombian anyone?

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    Sarah - Perfect Colombian anyone?

    Tineye = no results

    I've seen her ad before a while ago, curious if anyone knows any info or experience with her.

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    Didn't see any red flags in her ad or through texting so went and checked her out, here's my brief review:

    Ultimately, whether or not you like this SP will be determined what you are looking for: If you're looking for a quick business style interaction with a really attractive young clean professional SP, you'll definitely like her. If you want a passionate encounter full of making out, sexual connection, and sexual enthusiasm, you'll be disappointed. The whole interaction reminded me of Jessica SP from Montreal if any of you saw her last week, almost identical in terms of service:

    Location was excellent, some hotel by the airport, I can't remember the name. Looks wise - she is petite, slimmer than her pics, definitely very attractive compared to alot of the SP's we get here in Winnipeg. I was actually impressed when she opened the door which doesn't happen very often. Had makeup on and looked the whole nine yards for sure. Hygiene was impeccable.

    Again, whether or not you like her depends on what you're looking for. I prefer passionate/romantic encounters with SP's and not robotic and business like - but that's my preference.

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    Some one else may be using her pictures. Google image shows BP ads in Oakland and San Jose CA. Go with RipTide's experience then.
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