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Thread: spanker?

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    hey guys
    im looking for a lady that can give a good spanking, anyone comes to mind?
    doesnt have to be a mistress or dom
    thanks in advance guys!

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    She is a massage provider, no FS. But try asking Lady D.
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    Sienna is very kinky and experienced, so she might be able to accommodate you. There was Teagan from Montreal who actually specialized in this, according to the phone lady at Class Choice. Sure enough, the first thing she asked me is if I would like to be spanked (a first for me, but I declined). Sexy lady, tanned and naturally busty. Too bad she left, but if she comes back, she's a spanker!

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    Jasmine has been both the spankee and the spanker for me in the past. She has the experience to be very creative with it, varying timing/pacing, working other sensory things in-between etc. And if you are looking for any type of ass play with it she's ready with all sorts of toys and strap-ons. Just be really open up front with what you want and she'll figure out a session I'm sure you will enjoy

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    Does anyone know who does spanking as part of a massage and not necessarily fs?

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    I know Devi offers light domme and massage.

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