I really like BOA Victoria, clean, well located, I'm not stuck outside trying to enter like at other places. And so far all 3 of the ladies I have seen there have been great.

I saw Ranze twice while she was visiting Victoria. She appears to be gone from there roster. Which is too bad, she was playful and constantly ready to go. If she surfaces again I will repeat but I think she was leaving after University.

Naomi I have seen 3 times so far and will see again. She is fit, tight, and willing. She was inexperienced when I saw her the first time but I'm sure that is changing . She is a great kisser which I appreciate.

I visited only once with Callie because she does duos with Naomi which is on my to do list. She is also a great kisser, looks great, has good confidence and rides well. After the duo it will be hard to decide how to split my BoA bisits.