Hello love,
I consider myself a pure pleasure seeker.
The physical sensations through my body and the mental connection, draw me to a lust fountain in which I wish to deeply dive.
Since I’ve tasted that pleasure, I have been craving it regularly and secretly.
There is you, there is me, and cravings in between..

Some of us have a routine that keeps us safe and secure in life but I have learned to let go, and fully experience the mischievous desire to express myself.
My friends say that I have a dirty mind but no no no darling.. I have a purely sexy imagination.
And it’s all come from my naked mind and body.
The less I wear, the more real I feel.

I’m Anna Bellucci. I am a little sexy natural art piece from Venus. Confidence personified, sincere, bubbly, humorous and raw. I am a model and performing artist.
I am curious of many other components in life thus I find nothing more invigorating than a discreet encounter.Something about its secrecy gets me very excited...

I desire extraordinary memories a few kind and discerning gentleman like you - to dive into passionate moments.
I know that the more time we spend together, more intense our pleasure will be.
Please excuse my English,it is not my first language but I have a cute accent (apparently)

So come join me to create our own masterpiece together.

Gift & Appreciation to Artist
12h Ultimate exhibition 3000
5h Creative painting goes with wine 1500
3h Exploring the figures 1000
2h Introduction to colours 800
1.5h Introduction to drawing 700

Couples are welcome.No need extra gift because I adore female figure very much!

*** From time to time, I have special fantasy art pieces that I may choose to share confidentially. If you want to to explore something a bit more unique, we can experiment as long as we respect personal boundaries. In the pursuit of art, abstract and complex human relationships form between 2 or more people.
Inquire and I shall tell you, if I feel you are the right part for my fantasy art endeavors.
I also have a few stunning girl friends/artisans to join us for our passionate adventure in this foray.

Twitter : @funannabellucci
TER ID : 272892
Email: funannabellucci@gmail.com

So excited to meet you, learning about you and….
Anna Bellucci

*Please note, the gifts are for my time and appreciation of my art only. Anything else while spending time together is of personal choice between consenting adults of legal age.