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    Sabrina 7326

    Morning pooners,

    Has anyone had the luxury of checking out

    I know some of the pics are fake but some seem real enough. I just wanted to see if anyone has had any experience with her. Ad has been around awhile but the fake pics have me a little worried. Plan on avoiding this unless some other information is given I suppose.

    Thanks in Advance!

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    I wanted to give everyone a heads up. So I finally confronted her about some of her pics being fake in both ads and she claimed that she was a professional boob model. Sure why not, but when I linked her this and told her that's a famous porn star Angela white she continued to claim that was her photo, that she is Angela white (wanted to note she also reffers to herself as a hooker instead of a porn star who Angela white is). When I told her I didn't mean to offend her and that I only wanted a confirmation picture that her titties were infact that big she then went crazy started threatening me, calling me a lair and so forth.

    Now I know most of you might be thinking "of course, what did you expect?" I just wanted to see if she would provide a ver pic of her tits to see if they are really that big, end of the day that's all I personally care about.

    So heads up to all. She's bat shit crazy.

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