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Thread: ⚠️the ⚠️biggest ⚠️scammers ⚠️of vancouver exposed ⚠️

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    Exclamation ⚠️the ⚠️biggest ⚠️scammers ⚠️of vancouver exposed ⚠️

    Hi let me cut this as short as I can please read the ENTIRE post.

    After getting scammed by 3 girls for my hard earned 400$ and realizing that I might not be the only one in this case I've done HOURS of research about these girls and I am finally able to expose EVERY DETAIL of this scam which is one of the BIGGEST SCAM operators of vancouver.

    I will tell you how they do it who they are and what ad they use and threads about them (I got all these informations by simply looking for their ad names dating back from 2014-2015 and is how these girls operate)

    Firstly WHO ARE THEY (the scammer girls behind the fake ads) :

    This is the brain of the group her name is persianbaddie on instagram and her name seems to be "Elnaz Haji" if I trust one of the review on this board she proudly displays 10-20-30k she steals from men and her expensive bags she buys with the stolen money

    The second girl that seems to be there is this girl called staci doll (once you find the first all the others just flow like water in a river) :

    They usually seem to work with other girl but those are the two I saw in the flat that day.


    They post ads (fake ones that I will list one by one) And operate in group ; Everything seems fine over the phone whatever girl you're talking to will assure you her pics are real and tell you to come to her location Once you get there They will lock you in the flat and you will see multiple girls in there ! They wait for you to remove your clothes and will try to sell you drugs to get you high and take more money from you , They provide zero service steal your money. If you don't give more money they will kick you out of their place.


    those are the groups current ads

    (mind you they change them all the time hence why I posted their real pages so if you see them you can run the other way)

    Try it for yourself look at the scammers instagram then book an incall from one of these ads !

    THREADS ABOUT THEM FROM THIS FORUM that mentions one of these scammers (it's always the same story people go in there's a girl with a huge fake butt and they get their money stolen) :


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    Some guys aren't going to complain about being locked in a room with scantily clad girls feeding you drugs.

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    Any ass that fat is such a huge turn off to me I wouldn't ever make the phone call. So i am safe
    Good girls go to heaven.
    Great girls go everywhere!

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    I use to know a woman who always boasted about ripping guys off and she didn't have to use fake ads in order to do it.

    She would solicit random guys on a street corner, guys who she thought were desperate enough to pay for sex. This woman would ask them if they wanted a blow job or a quick shag for $300-400, which she would normally receive. She would then take the guy to a dark alleyway or some room inside a building, preferably one with an easy escape route. Before taking the guy to the alley, she would always ask for the money up front, then get the guy to strip naked. Once the guy had stripped down to his birthday suit and the money was tucked safely away in her purse, she would pretend that some emergency had come up and would tell the guy to wait 5 or 10 minutes until it was resolved. She would then step out of the room, but once out she would run like hell. She said that if any guy managed to get his clothes back on in time to chase her down for the money (she informed me that this was a rare occurrence) she would tell everyone she could find that the man tried to fondle her breasts and if that failed, scream rape. This would cause a commotion and lead to her pursuer being violently wrestled down to the ground by members of the public. She said it worked every time. She always managed to make a nice chunk of change every month doing that and she never once provided sexual services of any kind whatsoever.

    I asked her what her motivation was for ripping off so many men. She said she hated men who paid for sex and treated them with the utmost contempt. They were lower than garbage in her opinion. "If you're a guy and you pay for sex, you deserve to get ripped off. You deserve to be ambushed and robbed of your money," she said. "You have to ask for sex," she said. "If you ask for sex, you'll get it. I always ask for sex and I always get it. Why can't these guys do the same? So what if the first one or two people say no? If you ask 4 or 5 people, someone is bound to say yes. Men who pay for sex need to work on their social skills and learn how to interact with members of the opposite sex. They should stop being so afraid of women and learn how to clearly express what they want to us. Men should stop allowing themselves to be intimidated by women. If you're intimidated by women you deserve to be treated like crap."


    Did I forget to mention that this woman was not attractive in the slightest?

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    Quote Originally Posted by BaconNeggs View Post
    Any ass that fat is such a huge turn off to me I wouldn't ever make the phone call. So i am safe
    No kidding!! That's fucking gross! Edited or not!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by westcoastrider1982 View Post
    No kidding!! That's fucking gross! Edited or not!!
    The pictures on the thread are the girls behind the fake ad but when you see the ad it's a nice blonde skinny girl not fat pigs that want to steal money

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    I can confirm that those look like the two girls I saw in the hotel room when I got ripped off by Kendra.

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    Never understood the attraction to massive asses, like the ones on full display in the OP. Don't get me wrong, I do like a big ass. But a massive ass? That's a major turn off. Too much cottage cheese.

    Same goes for tits. Big is good, but massive mammaries are disgusting.

    When the size is gargantuan, it signals ill health and lack of reproductive vigor. That's why massive ass/tit is such a turn off for most men, except BBW fetishists.

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    What's with the fat shaming??? These women are bad people, discuss that. But calling bbws a fetish is some sexist misogynist bullshit. Your comments are also inaccurate lol plus size women do not have a reduced ability to have children, and during times a famine combines with natural hcg hormones they are more likely to produce a health baby. On the other hand, anorexic women are actually the ones who's body stop eventually having periods because their body realizes there isn't enough nutrients around and the person themselves isn't healthy enough to carry a baby.

    The way some of you men feel the need to dissect, pick apart and humiliate women because of their body is disgusting.

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    Thanks for the hysterical reply. I'm responding to this against my better judgement.

    There is no "fat shaming." Medical professionals have long ago demonstrated empirically that being overweight/obese leads to negative health and reproductive consequences. For example, as a woman's BMI increases, so does incidence of miscarriage, stillbirth and birth defects during pregnancy. So yes, reproductive vigor is diminished considerably as BMI increases.

    I could go on.

    This whine sounds like another variation on the theme of "facts be racis'," except this time it's "facts be sexis' or misogynis'." Silly girl, the truth is always racist, sexist, misogynist, islamophobic whatever. People use those insipid PC labels to shut down discussion and marginalize opponents. Why don’t you take responsibility for your actions?

    Your example of anorexia is a red herring.

    Why are men always demonized for any slight criticism of female behavior or appearance? I’m tired of this feminist double standard. Women are far worse offenders in this regard. I have seen women savagely criticize men for facial and bodily defect, diminutive size and micropenis. Of course, no one ever says anything in response to this female mockery. This is because of the well-known "pussy pass." This allows women to say and do whatever they want and get away with it. Often, the women who criticize the most are munters themselves. They are just blind to their own ugliness because of the constant emotional validation they receive from the army of desperate WK beta orbiters that every woman seems to have.

    In this world, there is just female privilege, nothing else. A man, if he's not alpha, is worthless, at least from the standpoint of evolutionary biology and population genetics.

    Men are deeper and more spiritual than women. Let's look at BBW's again. There are men who love BBW's. There are men who'll stop everything they're doing just to chase BBW's. There are men who wish to surround themselves with BBW's. There are men who worship BBW's. A BBW can easily make a good living off catering to this minority of men.

    Now let's look at women. Do women like men who are overweight or obese? Do we see the same pattern among women as we do among men? No and again No. Everywhere we look, we see that women, even fat women, despise fat men. A man will typically forgive a woman's flaws, but few women are willing to return the favor.

    As a final remark, sex is a commodity just like anything else. No two bodies are equal; some women offer a better product than others. As a buyer, a man has every right to criticize a defective product. Why is caveat emptor not applicable here? To say otherwise is to reject the principles of free market exchange upon which our liberal democracy is founded.

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    Arent they from toronto

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    Quote Originally Posted by dipsett View Post
    Arent they from toronto

    Yes I think either Toronto or Montreal. But they have set up shop in Vancouver with their scam for a while. Maybe they come and go. When I got ripped off it was at the Fairmont waterfront I think.

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    Good girls go to heaven.
    Great girls go everywhere!

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    Quote Originally Posted by poopquiz View Post
    Yes I think either Toronto or Montreal. But they have set up shop in Vancouver with their scam for a while. Maybe they come and go. When I got ripped off it was at the Fairmont waterfront I think.
    Pimping is the only business where you can sell a product , come back and resell it again , theres an unlimited supply , be wary of any women who puts her body on display on instagram its all a front to scam some poor guy lol

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