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Thread: Cassy 7130

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    Cassy 7130

    Any intel on this one? Goes by Cassy with the last four digits 7130. I remember she advertised for a while with the same pics and a nice little dancing video a few weeks ago, then she stopped and now she's back. Pics seem to pass the Tineye/Google test. Has anyone seen her?

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    Bump. Anyone?

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    Bump again. I may have to TOFTT if no one else is willing to chime in.

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    Have seen in person but havent tried her. She was sharing a room with the sp i saw and i asked her if she also works and she said yes and she left the room. Looks damn hot in person and i am going to see her when i get a chance. I would say 30% black and the rest is mix of god knows what.

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    Thanks for the intel kosto! Who was the SP sharing a room with Cassy that you saw and how was it?

    As for Cassy, good to know she is hot. Does she look just like the pics in her ad? Do you think they're real?

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