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Thread: $2,000 MINIMUM - This has to be a scam, right?

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    $2,000 MINIMUM - This has to be a scam, right?

    I don't know about you, but I've never heard of this girl and she starts her posts with "back from Europe for a limited time only" as if she is some renowned Vancouver SP. Then she says her minimum donation is $2,000 for "up to" four hours.

    I'm assuming this is B.S. but maybe she's some amazing SP that I've never heard of, although I Googled her name and nothing came up. Anyone?

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    Just a lady that has set a specific standard for minimum time and $$$. I am sure there will be some takers - presuming they are getting a certain level of quality but odds are we wont be seeing much information about her on this board.

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    I remember her ad from before. She appears to be a part of a group with similar ad style and high rates (not exactly same, but same ballpark per hour).
    Some of them had decent reviews, some of them were advertisers here.

    The marketing idea here is to present an exclusive offer. As such, they deny being an agency or knowing each other. So I'll just say there were other similar ads.

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    Not a scam. She started at $1000 min for 2 hrs. She recently raised it to $2000 for 4. Like Felix mentioned she seems to be part of a group that does $750/2 hrs minimum. Similar advertising style.

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    somewhere, in an escort's arms i hope
    There might be richer pooners that might seek low-volume providers. So these providers could be targeting those pooners.
    To each their own.

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    Quote Originally Posted by rxwca View Post
    There might be richer pooners that might seek low-volume providers. So these providers could be targeting those pooners.
    It could be the same group.

    I've seen most of the $750 / 2 hours group of SP's. All were a very good time for me and have repeated many times too.

    $2K is a lot of scratch regardless of the lack of reviews; there is always a chance of no connection that makes me stick to known to be good SP's.

    Also the $500 hour SP's I've seen just didn't start at that rate. Their initial rates were lower and they raised the rates as they became more popular thus becoming more exclusive as they chose to work less.

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    She used to be 1000 for 3 hours. So i guess business is good if she can ask for 2k. If she gets one client in a month then that could easily be all she wants to make

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    She used to advertise $1000 for two hours for a while, now $2000 four hours, that makes for very few clients, but perhaps that's exactly what she wants, and why she is doing it this way. I know people spend even more on a girl for half days and trips and such, so I am sure there is demand.

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    If one client books a week on average.
    She has a nice income and barely has to work.
    Some call it crazy, others may call it genius.
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    There was an ad for a provider that was pulled down almost immediately that offered bareback everything for $2000 with medical proof from her end that she's ddf as long as you could do the same (and that you would be hosting her either at your residence or a hotel)... and that you would be the only client she'd see that week. Not sure if it's maybe the same girl? This would have been a little over a month ago on BP

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    again her pussy must be made of gold and she squirts diamonds

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    Quote Originally Posted by stick66 View Post
    again her pussy must be made of gold and she squirts diamonds
    Just looking for rich dudes......

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    Ha ha no pussy is worth that much that's just ridiculous , even if I win huge lotto tomorrow I don't care wound not give her that kind of money hell no....

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