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Thread: Dylan again

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    Dylan again

    This is the third time I've seen Dylan from Beach Bunnies. Each time, my experience has been heartwarming, charming and incredibly wonderful. She is so genuine. There is nothing fake about her and her mesmerizing and enthusiastic personality combined with her warmth and beauty can make any man go weak on his knees. The service is just incredible. The time with her just flies. I hope to see her in future too.

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    Hi Knotty,

    I'm under the impression BB girls only offer cbj and fs. Are there additional activities available? for a price? Did you go to the spa or outcall? if spa, was it discreet? or outcall was she on time?


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    Hello RawJack,

    I also am a fellow Dylan fan (no pun intended), have visited her on several occasions, and I can confirm that Mr. Knotty's review is spot on and I could have written that myself.

    I would just also add she has gorgeous blue eyes, a lovely round butt and nicely shaped hips, a great sense of humour with a pleasantly sassy edge, and she is also is quite likely the SP I felt the strongest instant connection and chemistry with based on her very charming, warm and personable character

    I'll jump the gun here and provide a few answers that the basic price just includes HJ, CBJ and FS. I believe DATY and LFK/DFK is offered for an extra $50 each from what I've heard (or more accurately read on other postings). I've never indulged as I'm generally just happy with the basics, but Dylan is about the only SP I"ve visited that I"ve been tempted to pay quite a significant amount for 'extras'.

    I've only visited the very discreet spa located in the Blue Heights Area off the Hwy between McCurdy and Leathed. The location I could see being quite challenging to find if you're unfamiliar with the area, I'd driven past it many times in the course of past employment duties. The rooms in the spa are very clean, nicely decorated and conducive to adult playtime!

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    BB is definitely the best place in town , seen probably half doz girls over the last year or so and they have all been great, safe secure and clean place. Each room has a shower so you can rinse before and after. There is a few that offer extra services you just need to ask.

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    Hi RJ,
    I'm sorry for delayed response as I was on my travels. I'd say that MrX77 has since answers it quite well. Dylan is worth every penny and more. I don't live in Kelowna though I wish I did and that is just to be able to see her. In my case it was an outcall and the timing was bang on. Pun intended.��

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