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Thread: Seeking role-play/dirty talk. Daddy's girl?

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    Seeking role-play/dirty talk. Daddy's girl?

    Any recommendations?
    Am seeking a filthy gfe with an under 25 SP who is into light role play and steamy talk.

    Im spookyforks on CAF.

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    You dirty boy!

    I think Amalia at WCA could most definitely fulfill your fantasies in the regard.

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    I think next time Felicia Rivera comes by, you should try her out. Under 25 and searing hot (in looks and action). I think role play is a thing she does for extra, but even with her standard service, she talks pretty damn dirty. At least she does to me.

    Another choice might be Mira Lynne; not sure if she is meets your criteria, but she loves to go wild.

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    Sky Delaney advertises these services.

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    Quote Originally Posted by felixthecat View Post
    I'd answer this, but not when it's posted in a wrong section. Questions should be in 411.
    This is the 411 section dude. I second Amalia

    Mila Rose I highly recommend, just let her know what you want.

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    Since this got moved to 411, I can answer.

    Natalia 2495 does "daddy" talk even unprompted. (eros link)
    She seems to be visiting Toronto now, but I assume Vancouver is her homebase. CBJ.

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    Just ask them, many of the SP's would gladly participate in that.......

    How do I know? ....... well, someone told me that. ...

    ok, fine, I will admit, I am speaking from experience....
    If you don't want me talking, just shove your boobs in my mouth.

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