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    Lee mature dom

    I apologize if there is already info on this lady on the site, but I couldn't find anything. Can anyone give me their review of this lady.

    Much appreciated

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    I spoke with her and set up an appt for a consultation without any actual appt as she did not have time. My sense from speaking with her is that she is professional and well organized. I unfortunately did not go through with the consult as something came up. I am younger and found her intriguing. Sounded like a smoker.

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    Am I mistaken or did she not go by Grace previously?

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    Yes, she went by Lady Grace. I saw her over a year ago and it was interested in getting to say the least. She wants to wear latex gloves for hygienic reasons and if you want to engage in digits, the same goes for you. She is quite tall and very thin (no ass at all). Fake boobs on the smaller side if that is your thing. Too cold and impersonal for me but given that overall attitude I can see why she would be offering domme experiences.

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    Two different names based on type of session. Her non dom sessions she goes by Lee - her dom sessions are Mistress Cruella Grace.

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