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Thread: Favorite Asian girls

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    Favorite Asian girls

    Hi everybody! I recently moved to Vancouver.

    We all have different tastes and appreciate different kinds of women.I'm curious who your favorite Asian FS girls are.

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    Visited from the island. Piko was recommended and I thought she was pretty good. Great service, pretty cute, not an auntie.

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    Johnnymambo I like Arianna (CBC) 3538, She reminds me of London Keyes
    Its been long time that 3538 agency post her add.

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    Mira Lynne

    KK 1985 (but I think she's moved away)


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    Girls I've seen:
    Piko - 9517 - Fun girl with a great attitude and a teenager's body. Pictures are real.
    Tara 5890 - Cute, nice body, one of the best shower routines ever. Recommend the rimming extra (+40)
    KK - 1985 - I saw her a couple of weeks ago, but she may just be seeing regulars now.

    Girls on my TDL.
    Candy - 5890 - She is so busy they don't advertise her. Generally rated the best looking K-Girl but it seems YMMV for service.
    Ruri - 4151 - Young Korean cutie with good reviews.
    Milky - 1710 - 30ish but great reviews for service from a very good group.
    Miyu - 5890 - Japanese girl with an anime voice who has some fans.

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    If you want an experience to remember for the rest of your life,and don't mind some non-stop action from the moment you step into her suite until the moment you leave,then I have only one recomnendation:Miralynne.

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