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Thread: Brody's new Indy location is nice

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    Brody's new Indy location is nice

    Just a heads up that as well as being able to see Brody at SVIP she now has an Indy location she is sharing with a friend. Her contact info is up on leoslist.

    It's a nice, clean setup in a condo downtown thats only used for incalls so there isn't all the clutter, odors and pets you sometimes have to deal with when someone is working out of their home. The massage table is a nice extra bonus. Never made it off the bed yet but one day we'll take a pause long enough to make it to that table :-)

    Given my previous posts it won't be news that I always enjoy my time with Brody, but I wanted to throw out a review of her new location for those lads that don't do agencies.

    FYI Brody and I are still looking for open minded gents interested a threesome, or for a gent with another SP interested in some same room voyeur fun. We usually play on Sat/Sun mornings between 10am and noon. It's not a huge bed but we could all squueze on or we flip for the massage table :-)

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    Sounds fun I'll PM you

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    I find Brody's information attached to SVIPS. It sounds like she has gone indy now, but when I search for her on LL and BP I just got hits to the agency. Where can I find contact info for her now that she is independent?

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    Keep an eye out on leos list. She was working at the agency earlier in the week and I think doing the indy thing starting tomorrow and for the weekend so her ad should go up tomorrow. Looking forward to the weekend, threesome time with her and another fellow perber, should make for some erotic fun

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    LOL Brody was a lot of fun to watch as she tried to figure out all the things she could do with two cocks at the same time, it was a first for her. I think we tried just about every combination we could think of. For a while gent #2 was laying on his back on the massage table with Brody giving him a bent over blow job while I was going at her doggy from behind. The challenge was the massage table kept slowly sliding across the hardwood floor while I pounded away, I kept having to adjust my footing to keep at it, I was VERY happy when the table finally made it to a wall, never let it be said I'd let a little minor inconvenience get in the way of a good fuck :-) Fun was had by all, I'd highly recommend these forays into the "something a little different" world - thanks for being open trying new things Brody!!! And thanks gent #2 who I will let remain anonymous unless he chooses to chip in with comments. Now I'm wondering how much fun a MMMF gangbang would be :-)

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    would you mind sharing what the rate was also where can i see a pic or 2 will be coming over in the summer we could use my room

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    Any other reviews on this tattooed babe?

    I dug a little deeper and found some solid reviews. Think I might go for a dip.

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