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Thread: AM Specials - no restrictions

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    AM Specials - no restrictions

    Anyone have any info. - ad post reads no restrictions but ad says safe play only? Also ads by this poster has link to another where pics look similar I suppose but don't know.

    I wouldn't partake just because of mention of "no restrictions" anywhere in the ad but still curious.

    ✦━✰ AM Specials ❌NO RESTRICTIONS❌ ✰ UPSCΛLΣ SΣXY💋 υnrυѕнed✰ 5ѕтar eх

    сохранено 29 апр 2017 06:02:15 UTC

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    I looked at the other ad associated with this one (Katia) whose number links online to ads originating out of SK, but for different names (Hill, Holly) and look (blonde then, brunette now, but might be the same girl). Combined with this ad, you have the inconsistency, name changes, and of course the "no restrictions" which has to be a huge red flag assuming they get what it actually means--which they ought to.

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    It appears "Kelly" has taken over the ad."Tina" has the tattoo above her left breast, which is not on Kelly, but photoshop & makeup do work wonders.

    Look who now has the cellphone. It is none other than Swishy...and Swishy is one to avoid, and thus, whoever has the cellphone next should also be avoided.

    Here is a Swishy warning from Mel_1990
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