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Thread: Any info on Lisa (Ebony BP)

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    Any info on Lisa (Ebony BP)

    Stunning pictures. Contacted her and said she is in for a couple weeks. No reviews from what I can see. Any one have info on this one? Or if anyone goes to see her a review would be wonderful. I may just pull the trigger and go see her. Thanks a lot
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    have been with her twice..
    pics are accurate, she has a great body and great lips, offers bbj and daty i believe. her english wasnt good, she knows "enough to order food" as she put it. service was straight forward. nothing special but not terrible, did not rush at all and seemed to enjoy it. the first time i was with her it was in a nice upscale condo, second time was in a hotel and the room reeked of weed and she was noticeably stoned. will probably repeat cause i like her look and she is easy to book with. rates were 120hh/180h.

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