I partook of Andre's lunch special for a prostate massage. The lady herself is friendly and funny, personality is up there with Felina. To my eye, super-attractive in an unconventional way with beautiful expressive eyes and very sexy overall. Great firm natural breasts that you are allowed to enjoy with your hands. Her location is in a swanky downtown highrise with all the amenities available. Booking was all done via email and she replied very promptly.

So, PM. Not something I had a lot of experience with but very interested to see what someone who knows their way around the region could do. Andre started off with a light back massage, body slide and some easy conversation. Then turn over and onto the main event. While the PM was great, what made it was Andre's intensity. She seemed to really enjoy having me at her mercy and that made the whole thing super hot.

I would repeat for certain. It is a bit pricey for non-fs but I don't mind spending the cash if the experience is novel (To that end Andre showed me some toys to keep in mind for next time). But it is a real shame that she doesn't provide FS as man, I sure would be all over that!