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Thread: Embarassing Situations

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    Embarassing Situations

    I was reading another thread where Hoknowz commented on the possibility of running into one of her brothers while working on Kingsway. With the sheer numbers of ladies some of my fellow pooners have seen over the years it got me wondering if any of you have ever had the misfortune of running across someone you know while pooning.

    Over the years I've seen hundreds of different girls and the only girl I met that I knew from outside the hobby was a girl I went to high school with. Imagine how mortifiying it would be if you went to a massage parlour or escort agency and the girl they introduce you to is your sister, daughter, niece, etc.

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    do have a laugh then!! its not like I can share this with just anyone - lol. I used to work in an office (whilst doing this on the side). One day, as I'm crossing the parking lot to get to the building within which I work, I hear "Sally", my supervisor, call my name. I turn and wait until she exits the car... and bewildered, she watches as an older man b-lines out of her car and up the road. "Ha! she says... I was going to introduce you to my dad. I wonder what got into him?". I knew but kept my mouth shut... I noticed the pictures of his grandchildren were the same as the one's on her desk. Too close for comfort. Thanks.

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    I was at work...went off for lunch...I came back from lunch. I saw some printed stuff on my office is locked.

    One of my co-workers came into my office to do some work or something...

    He attached a note to the print-out. The print-out was from a few pages from PERB! I guess I didn't lock out my PC...I don't know what he was doing in my office, but anyway...I didn't talk to him until the end of the day. He said something like "Got my note?"...

    I knew that I didn't print it out...Anyway...I'll see what happens on Tuesday...
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    The stupid thing with me...

    is I'm also in IT (Oracle Reports writer)...I used to work for an ISP before this, so we all used to swap information about PC/Mac stuff.

    I'm wondering though if websites that translate, such as those that translate from i.e. Spanish to English, etc. can mask your tracks. I realize deletion of cookies, etc. can help, but with Win2K & other Microsnot stuff, I believe it's possible for admins (fortunately, in this company, I work closely with some of them) to monitor the websites that were travelled to.

    Also...yeah, PERB does work at work, but I'm wondering what type of software will block out stuff like TER (WSGForum works at work too)...

    I gotta admit...I like this forum stuff & although I'm new to's fun...& addictive.
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    To Eugene...

    mostly... I had customers that knew when my lunch hour was... and I'd slip over to their place and zip on back (talk about quickies). It wasn't until my last workplace that I would take advantage of the flexible work hours. If I got a call, suddenly I would "remember" a dental appointment or something like that. It kinda worked out okay, cuz often I would take unfinished work home to do anyway. All evened out in the end, I think.

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    Talking major

    lol - I had a car... and the few that took advantage of my availability lived within a 10-20 minute radius. My timing was pretty good (so was theirs). I mean, if you walk into a workplace 5 or 10 minutes late from lunch, you can always "blame it on the waitress"... right?

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    I guess the little head got to me...the job is great & it's helping to put food on the table & have a little fun time on the side...
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    Exclamation To Fratboy

    no... didn't go to workplaces... hotels and homes only. Odd... but there is a difference between going to someone's home (legal) and going to an office (potentially hazardous legally speaking, nevermind the safety aspect). With an office, imagine this "sting set up"... you go to the office (probably after hours) and only one fellow is at the front, waiting for you. Its a typical lobby/foyer setup with a reception desk. You exchange money and get popped for "communicating in a public place". I wouldn't go near that with a 10 foot pole. I don't know if they've ever done a sting like that... but I know they've done similar stings with escorts (set up a big rig and called the escort to the truck.. .then the "cop" hops out and ultimately "stings" her with "communicating". That happened in Sherwood Park, Alberta a couple and a half years ago. No... just some things that just can't be.

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