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    Outcall escort agency

    I will be in Edmonton in the near future, so I've been doing a bit of research on the MP/SP scene. I understand that Penthouse Massage is highly-ranked here and at canbest, and I've seen a few other places/MPs with positive reviews.

    But there is practically nothing positive said about the independent escort scene, particularly those few who are on the web with pictures I could see in advance. And I have not seen anybody mention an agency that is good for outcalls. I've looked in the classified ads of the Sun online, and no agencies seem to advertise there either. Can anybody give me pointers on the outcall agency scene?

    I understand that Edmonton isn't Montreal or Toronto, but surely there is an agency or two with quality model-type women!?

    Thanks in advance for any help.

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    I think the outcall scene here is a dead end. There are a few independant escorts here but I think they are mostly more mature.

    There is one on called christy of edmonton but she states specifically on her site not to post about her. She also charges more that most independants.


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    er... pardon? outcall scene is dead?? funny - I seem to make a pretty decent go of things. Sure.. there are some gals that are mature (as old as 53)... but there are plenty in their mid-20s. And when people like Agent_Smith post messages like that, I question where their loyalities lie. Obvously with MPs. And that is a real disservice to the abundant and vibrant outcall escort business that, by the way, pays good money to the City and to the advertisers to stay in the business and provide the services that men like Markus are looking for.

    In the Edmonton Sun... your chances of finding an independent are roughly 50/50. Yellow Pages.. 80% are agencies, 20% are indys. In the free SEE Magazine that is available everywhere, its pretty well 50/50 as well.

    Best tip I can give you... if you call and ask if they take credit cards, and they say yes, they are probably an agency (97% likely). Very very few indys take credit cards. Obviously, too, if the gal describes herself (as opposed a receptionist telling you what the gal will look like) its far more likely to be an independent.

    And while we are at it, Agent_Smith (cop?)... what, exactly, is wrong with mature women? Most men who see a mature woman, do so, because they themselves are mature. Sometimes, young fellows like older women because of the Mrs. Robinson adventure. Not every single person likes exactly the same thing... surely you've noticed that??

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    When I travel to a relatively big city for a work trip that only lasts a few nights, I don't have the luxury of looking at the ads in the local paper and taking a chance on a what may well be a bullsh*t ad.

    I've been in Edmonton for a two-night work visit before, but I didn't have the chance to indulge because my schedule was too dense. I can't believe that there isn't even one agency discussed by name here or at canbest. It looks like I'll try to get a hotel near Penthouse Massage, since that seems to be the most-recommended incall/MP place.

    Maybe somebody else will still recommend a good agency. Is there one? A secret one?

    The MP scene bugs me a bit because the details of the service are determined after the girl is chosen. At least with a reputable agency, one can ask about the openmindedness of the girl in advance and get honest info.

    If there isn't an agency you'd recommend, is there at least a young model-type independent outcall escort who deserves high praise? It seems like the ones on the web (all linking each other's sites) are not well-reviewed.

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    Kat's is a co-op... each girl has a phone line that goes from a bank of phones in an office (required by law)... difference is, there is no receptionist. Each phone is call-forwarded to separate cell-phones.

    check out and

    there, at least, you can see a few of the ladies that belong to the same group of gals. If that just doesn't suit what you are looking for (and ya gotta know - some gals just don't want to post their pictures cuz their folks have 'puters too)... then write me privately, tell me the "specs" of the type of gal you are looking for, and I'll try and give you at least one or two private numbers of gals who should be able to help you out.

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    Okay, I have looked at escortneeds and escortsalberta as well.
    And after a search of the online yellow pages, I came across two websites for agencies in Edmonton:


    Are these bait-and-switch operations or honest agencies? There are some escorts of my type billing themselves as openminded or even very openminded. My type is 20-25, slim model-type build, breast size does not matter as I am a butt man. Hair color and ethnicity don't matter, and I'm not looking for lengthy conversation. I'm interested in spending time with a young somebody with the above body type who enjoys the activity and is openminded. Several of the girls at those websites fit my description, but I'm looking for somebody to verify the legitimacy of the agency(ies).

    I've already learned from some online reading which MPs would likely meet my needs.

    Granny, would you mind forwarding me your suggestions, if any?

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    never heard of them... I'll check them after supper and give you my opinion (not gospel... but best guess) (actually - it will be a good guess cuz I'll research the licence numbers, assuming they are on the site)... later...

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    buyer beware

    Two websites for the price of one... 129752... belongs to Genesis and Success (same company, same owners - different names). One partner got $5150 fine for aiding, controlling and abetting... in return, other partner's charges got dropped. So they are still in the biz and probably have 20 gals available at any given time.

    this year... the licence numbers have changed... so if they ever update their site (or make a new one) the other number to watch for is 7338935.

    if you ever see the licence number 7441309... that's the only other "agency". 20 gals again (roughly).

    Now.... not to be confused. When I look for these numbers, I don't look at the individual ads. The girls each are licenced individually. It is the main licence number that I am looking at the bottom of (usually) the first page of the website where it says all rights reserved. Hope this helps.

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    This is quite a nice stable of ladies if the pictures are all of local girls. Seems hard to believe however. Any yays or nays out there?

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    that's why you need to stick with indy's... if the place you phone accepts credits cards, its an agency. The indy's in Edmonton do not accept credit cards and will defnitely quote you directly over the phone.

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    Sp'S in Edmonton.

    I have been to three websites for SP's in Edmonton. Are they legitamate? I am really in the market for a large breasted slim black GFE. They have plenty beautiful black women listed, but I am not into bait and switch or super high fees. What you see should be what you get. Can someone recomend some girls or how do I find a hot black indy???? Help I have been looking a long time.

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    I hate to say it - but there are only a very few black women in the escort industry (although there are more in massage) in Edmonton. Reason is simple enough - there just aren't that many black people per population. Its not like Toronto... not even remotely. And personally... at the moment, I can't think of a single INDY black gal. Not one. Which means that you are very likely to get stuck with the old bait and switch.

    which leads me to a funny little story. You've all had experiences with agencies where you want a slightly older brunette and a tiny young blonde shows up? Well... one of my friends (the older brunette) got sent on a call when she worked for an agency... the fellow was so surprised when she got there - he'd wanted to give his bi-curious urges an experience (first time, he said). He kept her anyway. lol

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    Black indy?

    I saw some indy black girls listed in Edmonton. I am not sure if I would get the bait and switch though. Has anybody heard of a Jamaican girl named Maria Love. Her pictures look to good to be true. She looks like a younger slimer Janet Jackson. Check the site it is If she showed up at my door I would be shocked. I find her pictures gorgeous. I think Edmonton needs to clean up its act in the Escort scene. Thanks.

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