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    Got a chance to meet up with Lucy4u on my recent visit to Whistler. But first, I was a little taken aback by the lack of providers at Whistler. With as much traffic as that place sees on a weekend, I figured there would be at least two to three reputable providers camped out there either enjoying their own vacation and making a little side money, or just focusing on work and playing off the high-end money atmosphere. I guess I have no idea how aggressive LE is on the hobbyist front at Whistler, but based on how easily my buddy scored some 420 in the village, I have to assume the mounties are pretty laid back.

    Anyway, on to Lucy. It was a little tough to organize a visit, she has a real life and entertaining appears to be more of a secondary business/job for her. She was very lovely and had a nice in-call location once we had a chance to finally organize an appointment. Lucy is more of what I would call full-figured. Very nice, natural breasts, but she's no spinner or fitness queen. A BBBJ to COB for my first pop. She's very good at oral and has a jaw with stamina. A little relaxing and conversation led to putting on the cover for some CG and mish. I was a little spent and she wasn't exactly my type so the second pop didn't happen for me. No blame on her, just a persnickety old John.

    2.5 bills for an hour session, and really no complaints. But I would have easily paid upwards of four-hundo if there was a model-looks provider in the village. So Vancouver ladies, if you're reading this, think about making an enterprising move.

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    I know this has been awhile but do you know if Lucy4u is still active in Whistler?

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